Friday, March 30, 2007

Beautiful Week

It's amazing what a beautiful, sunny week can do for your spirit - thank You, God! Yesterday, our dear friend Sandra, who is visiting from Saskatchewan, joined our Thursday morning Bible study group again. Sandra is an amazing person, who always has wonderful insights to share about walking in faith. It was so good to see her again. Unfortunately, she had laryngitis, but it was amazing to see our talkative (big-mouthed?) group be quiet enough to listen - haha!

I finished Karen Kingsbury's latest book, Forever, the finale to her second Baxter family series, and I can't wait for the new (and final) series to begin. After ten books, the characters feel like family!

Last night, Jolie, Layni and I went to the little fair by the Coquitlam Centre Mall. We had a great time, playing games, eating cotton candy and going on some of the rides. Layni won a purple stuffed bear by breaking balloons with darts and two pink balls by fishing for frogs. I went on the classic Zero Gravity ride (I think it was called something like Gravitron, when I was a kid) with Layni and we all went on the Ferris Wheel at the end of the night. I liked something Jolie said as we were driving home... one hour at the fair had cost her $65, which might seem like a waste of money. But she said it's like what Charlie's grandfather told him in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, when Charlie volunteered to sell his Golden Ticket for money to help his poor family. "There will always be money, Charlie - they make more of it every day. But there will only ever be five Golden Tickets, so hang onto it and treasure it for all its worth." (That's not a direct quote, but the gist of what his grandfather said.) And, Jolie continued, there's only one Layni Mack, and we have to enjoy life and make memories together. But, no, we're not going back again this weekend! Layni has a little problem with always wanting more... We're trying to teach her to be appreciative and grateful for what she's got, but at the moment, it seems to be to no avail. God help us!

Today, Jolie and I went for a hike after dropping the girls off at school and running to Wal-Mart for supplies. The first ten minutes I thought I was going to die (it was uphill) and wondered if going to the gym three days a week for two years had made any difference at all. But then, I reasoned, if I hadn't gone to the gym, I probably would have just collapsed two minutes into it, right?! Anyway, I survived though my legs felt like jelly afterward and we both ended up taking naps after getting the girls settled after school. And it was a beautiful hike (up the trails by the power lines in Coquitlam); we saw and heard all sorts of birds, including our first hummingbird of the season.

After my nap, Layni and I went for a walk to the park and explored the woods, balancing on fallen trees - one of which Layni fell off of backwards, but she sprang up saying, "I'm okay! I didn't hurt myself at all!" It was probably a two or three foot drop, but not one tear. Earlier in the day, however, she had a little tumble off her bike and cried for half an hour. She can be such a weirdo!

Well, Jolie and Marty are at work, the girls are sleeping and I am really looking forward to snuggling in my cozy sheets and having a good night's sleep, so Good Night!

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