Thursday, March 22, 2007

Seventeen More Days!

Here's a list of the chocolate I miss the most:

1. Chocolate Insta-Breakfast milkshakes with my Special K in the morning

2. Cadbury creme eggs - that's what Easter is all about - besides Jesus, of course

3. Rolo ice cream (and any other kind of ice cream containing chocolate)

4. Peanut butter cups (or any other chocolate/peanut butter combo)

5. Junior Mints (or any other chocolate/mint combo)

6. Smarties

7. Chocolate chip cookies (also Oreos, even though I don't eat them that often)

8. Cookies 'n' Creme chocolate bars

9. Coffee Crisp, Kit-Kat, Mirage bars

10. Chocolate cake

In conclusion, I MISS IT ALL! I've been substituting sugar cookies, maple cookies and Dunkaroos, but it's not the same. Two and a half more weeks... I can do it! (Just like Bob the Builder - he never gives up!)

1 comment:

Instructor Krista said...

You are hilarious Janis, way to go on making it so far! You can do it, the finish line is in sight!
And just think of the chocolate feast you can have after Easter!