Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Break Is Half Over

Let's see... Monday morning, Layni, Lysa and I cuddled in bed and watched the movie Are We There Yet? which her step-mother's half-sister was in, according to Layni. Since we didn't see her, I'm assuming she was an extra in the birthday party scene and Layni interpreted that as her being a movie star. It was one of those movies were the kids are so awful and bratty, you just think "These kids need a major spanking! What is wrong with the adults in their lives?" Of course, they somewhat reformed by movie's end. That afternoon, Layni and I started to clean out our garden plot, pulling out weeds, when of course it started raining again. Layni told me, "Janis, we can't give up! Bob the Builder never gives up until the job is done!" I looked at her as we stood in the rain, thinking, "Are you kidding me?" Just shows how desperate she was to get outside. I told her, "Well, I'll remind you about that next time you're getting frustrated with spelling or math!" She gave me a look. After we got sufficiently wet and dirty, I convinced her to come inside. That night, we watched the season premiere of Dancing With the Stars - she loves anything to do with dancing (she also loved Skating With Celebrities). She's rooting for the beauty queen (of course, because she wore a tiara) and the speed skater (because she liked his head band). I haven't picked my favourites yet. Is Billy Ray Cyrus trying to channel Keith Urban with his new hairdo? Thank goodness the days of Achy Breaky Heart are over. I was never a fan.

Tuesday, we actually had some sunshine so Jolie and Marty got some gravel for a little path beside the garden and worked cleaning up the yard from all those storms. It looks so much better. We're very excited to start planting our veggies and flowers. I may not like to eat vegetables, but I love to watch them grow (and watch them in entertaining videos!). Layni went to a craft afternoon at the community centre before heading off to Tae Kwon Do. When she got home, we went for a walk with Lysa. The thing is, Layni and Lysa do not have compatible walking styles. When we go for a walk, Lysa actually wants to walk, and if you stop, she gets mad and lets her displeasure be known! Whereas, Layni wants to stop and look at rocks and climb mountains and collect sticks to make a play fort by the lake etc. etc. etc. So of course, neither one ends up being happy. At least Lysa got some fresh air. Later, Layni and I went to Michael's where we got to say hi to our friend Krista, who was teaching a cake-decorating class, and Layni had a nervous breakdown because she didn't want to choose between the half-dozen things she wanted to buy. I ended up being very good and not buying anything, though I almost gave into temptation and bought some stamps that were on sale. I love stamps and I love sales... I should just not go to Michael's, yet I can't help myself. So finally, Layni chose a flower-making craft kit and cried most of the way home because she didn't get the rainbow dry erase board craft kit or the magic set. It's at these times she drives me crazy because she's always wanting more, instead of appreciating what she has. Don't get me wrong - I'm often guilty of the same thing. But I did put the stamps back! I just hope she won't grow up completely spoiled. I don't want her to be one of those kids I hate!

Today, it was raining again so the kids didn't get outside. Of course, Layni slept half the day away... She thinks because it's spring break and she doesn't have school, she can stay up all night and sleep all day. Mom didn't work last night so she did stay up really late; Janis is meaner and makes her go to bed at a semi-reasonable hour. I went to the gym and then Layni coerced me into playing with her at Club Penguin... those stupid little games can be so addictive. And they're about my speed; I'm not really adept at video games. I find the kids' Curious George Playstation game too difficult. God bless us simpletons! I got the kids in bed tonight in time to watch Lost with Marty (Jolie had to work, much to her chagrin). No really big plans for the rest of the week. Layni is going to visit with her grandparents on Friday and Mattias comes tomorrow night to spend the weekend. Hmmm... maybe I should make a little trip to Value Village. You never know what treasures you might find there!

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