Monday, March 26, 2007

Wheelchairs and Sushi

Spring Break felt like a flop, with all the rain we had. But looking at the bright side (haha!), we got our garden started and Layni got to visit with her grandparents on the weekend (which made for a much quieter and more peaceful household). Mattias came with me to church on Sunday and surprisingly, played shy. When we were heading upstairs for Kidzone, he told me he was tired and was going to take a nap instead of playing. I guess he changed his mind, though, once he got into the nursery with all the kids and toys. We went to McDonald's afterwards, and he got a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toy (can you believe they're back?) so he came home happy. His grandparents (Marty's mom and dad) came for dinner Sunday afternoon. Mattias creeped them out by riding around in Lysa's wheelchair. He and Layni love it; they think it's fabulous fun. It is a little wierd for us adults though, to see them in it. But I have to admit, if it was big enough for me, I'd probably go for a spin too.

Today, Lysa woke up with a fever, so she got another day off from school. Hopefully, she'll be feeling well for tomorrow - she misses her friends and they miss her! Layni was not happy to be going back, but enjoyed seeing everyone once she got there. This afternoon, after Lysa's fever broke, we all went for a walk on the dykes. It was wonderful getting out in the fresh air and sunshine. We saw lots of birds, including a crane, as well as squirrels, dogs walking their owners, and a recently deceased snake. After picking Layni up from school, Marty took her and Mattias grocery shopping, where she begged (for God knows what reason) for sushi. Marty told her if he bought it for her, she had to eat it all up, and she said okay. You should have seen the look on her face after her first bite. She managed to get one and a half pieces down (which quite frankly impressed me!) though she thought she was going to throw up. (She didn't.) I say good for her for trying something new - she's a lot braver than me!

I meant to go to bed early tonight, but as I was checking my email before bed, I discovered my best friend online and we played three games of backgammon - it's very addictive. I barely beat her the first two times, but she kicked my butt the third time. It wasn't pretty. I need to go recover now, haha!

Thank You, Jesus, for sunshine and Your creation and good friends!

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