Saturday, April 14, 2007

Apocalypse Now

Yes, folks, the end of the world is nigh... because, I, Janis G., self-proclaimed fitness-phobe, miss going to the gym. It has been four days since this stupid bug knocked me down and I am going crazy not being able to go work out. Jolie told me to take it easy and not push myself, but I'm starting to think maybe if I go to the gym and work out and pretend I'm healthy, I might trick my body into believing it.

Who knew two years ago, when God-only-knows what possessed me to give into Jolie's urges to "just give it a try", I would become a person who works out faithfully three times a week and actually misses it when I can't? Now people who don't know me that well, would not realize what an act of God this is. But people like my best friend or my family, who remember how traumatized I was by gym classes from elementary through high school, they know that this is nigh unto a miracle. Even after two years of working out, I'm still laughably physically uncoordinated - I'm the girl who constantly trips over her own feet. And after being the slowest, worst, and always the last to be picked for any team in gym class for the first two decades of my life, the very idea of joining a gym was the most ridiculous thing I'd ever heard. I was sure I would get kicked out or (after realizing that they're not going to kick out anyone who pays them a goodly sum to go there every month) more likely, be laughed at and mocked by all the cool, physically fit people who hung out there. I thank God for Jolie, who encouraged me to give it a try, showed me how all the machines worked, went with me for the first several months, and encouraged me not to give up even when I thought I would die after two minutes on the treadmill. (I've since worked my way up to 40-60 minutes.) After two years, the gym has become a healthy habit in my life. I'm more physically fit and what's more, it has shown me I can do things I never dreamed possible. Now if only I could translate this discipline into other areas of my life...

So if you ever became physically ill on the days you had gym class or faked illness or used your "female problems" to weasel out of it or prayed that the ball wouldn't come your way or that you could sink into a hole into the ground and disappear from the planet or pull a "Carrie" on your mean classmates... thank God that those horrible years of school didn't last forever (although it seemed like they would at the time), and know that you too can overcome your lifelong fears and with God's help and a friend's encouragement, create new healthy habits in your life. With God, all things truly are possible. And maybe the world won't end quite yet, after all!

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