Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lost and Found

I'm just heading to bed, but wanted to share this interesting site that my friend Alisha showed me: I find it fascinating because I'm always looking for the stories behind things... why is there a shoe left by the side of the road? What's the story behind that ad on the side of the bus? Where is that lady rushing off to in such a hurry? Who is that kid picking flowers off our magnolia tree? Looking through these found notes, there's a lot of stories to wonder about... and how many times have people wondered about me? You know how you're taking vacation photos, and you wonder who those strangers are in the background, and how many people's photo albums you are in? Six degrees of separation, Lost, all that good stuff... we're all connected and only when we get to heaven will we see how all the threads are interwoven. Or maybe I just need to go to bed...

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