Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I am so sorry I failed you. You were thriving despite my care - thanks mostly to Jolie's wiser touch, I'm sure. What happened? Where did it all go so wrong? I really believed we were going to make it together... and then you were ravaged by aphids, and thrown to your eternal rest in the garbage bin. Oh, my poor herb garden... I did love you from the moment I planted you at Women's Connections night - was it only a month ago? And apart from Jake feasting on you chives, you seemed to be prospering. Then yesterday, I saw countless little bugs crawling all over you, onto the kitchen table, interrupting breakfast with their rude, and ultimately fatal, presence. Could I have done more to save you? Could I have somehow prevented this tragedy? We'll never know. Forgive me, dear herb garden, and rest in peace.

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Instructor Krista said...

you are a riot, Janis...

thank you for your wit, and your humour, and your friendship! All three never fail to brighten my day no matter what i'm going through!

Love Ya!