Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Facebook, Chocolate and Michael's - My Vices Today!

Okay, I'm spending way too much time on facebook. But it's so much fun! For somebody who's always been obsessed with getting mail, it's like getting mail (or pokes or wall comments) every day - instant gratification! And it's really cool to see how people that I went to elementary, junior high and high school with are doing - or extended family or other old friends... it's a total addiction.

Today I went to my friend Krista's house and we watched (or at least it was playing in the background) the first two Harry Potter movies as we ate her amazing, decadent, delightful chocolate cake... and ice cream and chicken fingers and fries... all my favourite things! We also worked on the programs for the Mother's Day tea at our church next week - and I got through half the clothes I brought over to dry. I know we're so spoiled with our modern appliances - but with kids, especially, I am so grateful for our washer and dryer (and will be even more grateful when the dryer is working again!). We had a great time hanging out and actually got a little work done! Oh, and we got in a game of backgammon too, as MSN games has been down the past couple days (at least on my computer). Her daughter Maegan, who is such a cutie, showed me all her Care Bears and her movies, when we had our "private talking time" - while Mommy checked facebook. She is far more addicted than me, even.

I probably shouldn't have been eating so much chocolate the day after going to the dentist - but I didn't have any cavities, so I was celebrating, right?! Oh, how I justify the things I want to.

Billy Ray FINALLY got kicked off "Dancing with the Stars"! There IS some justice in the world after all! But tonight was the second to the last Gilmore Girls episode EVER, so it was a hollow victory. What do you mean, I need to get a life?!

I read a sweet, funny and short Christmas story yesterday at the gym - shut up! It's never a wrong time of year to read a Christmas story! - called "The Shepherd, the Angel, and Walter the Christmas Miracle Dog" by Dave Barry. (Yes, THAT Dave Barry.) It will take half an hour of your day, and you will laugh and wax nostalgic, I'm sure.

Tonight, Layni wanted to go for a walk after Lysa woke up from her nap and had supper, since the sun was actually shining. I assumed she would want to go the park, but she wanted to go to Michael's - I swear, she's as bad as me. Well, I wasn't going to say no to that, so she picked out a Mother's Day present and got a sand necklace craft to make for her and Lysa. I discovered a bunch of new clear stamps in the $1.50 section - the bane of my existence! See, I'm pretty cheap, but when I see something cool for "only $1.50", I can't resist. But those $1.50's add up... to $20 today. I'm not allowed to "just look" anymore.

Lysa came down with a fever before bed tonight, and Layni started hacking up a lung... just when I think we're done passing bugs around. But Mattias had a cold this weekend so maybe that's where it came from. I hope I don't get it... again! I still have some sniffles from last time.

Okay, I'm going to go to bed now. And not even check facebook again first. (No boxes popped up informing me I got a new email from facebook so it's safe, haha! So bad. And I make fun of Krista...)

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Instructor Krista said...

Ok, seriously... are you SURE, you're not worse than me? I think it's pretty close... let's call it a tie!

I had fun yesterday and today, by the way... my stomache is finally calming down after the choco-overdose...

I looked in the bins at work for those clear stamps... DID YOU BUY THEM ALL? There aren't any left!!! Not that I could see anyways, LOL!!!