Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day

I got spoiled this Mother's Day, even if I'm not officially a mother! Layni and I went to church and even though it was cloudy, it didn't rain, which was wonderful since we walked. Mattias' mom picked him up first thing in the morning so they could spend the day together. We had made the traditional hand/footprints and framed them, as well as getting some chocolates, a candle and bath fizzies for her.

Layni had written a note to herself at breakfast: "Today will be a good day without Mattias." (They have a love/hate relationship.) She brought a notebook to church with her and wrote another note during the service: "OK, I was wrong. It is kind of boring without Mattias. I am just sitting here. If Mattias was here we could talk and have fun and go to McDonalds." (Her spelling was a lot funnier though.) She cracks me up. She got a pink carnation for her mom from church, and managed to survive the service without Mattias to entertain her.

Then she treated me to McDonalds as a Mother's Day treat. Strangely enough, it was pretty quiet - almost like most people take their moms to fancier places for lunch... I was perfectly happy with my 10 pack nugget meal (yes, she totally spoiled me!) though.

On the way home, we stopped at Value Village, where she begged for various stuffed animals to add to her prolific collection... I said, NO! But got her a plastic mermaid for $1 to shut her up - well worth the investment :) I bought two Smurfs albums, Anne Murray, Barbra Streisand and John Denver & The Muppets Christmas albums, and the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. Having a record player is too much fun! Jolie was thrilled with the additions to our collection and we listened to the kids' albums that night before bed.

Jolie opened her presents after we got home and nearly set the house on fire! She had a candle lit on the kitchen table and accidentally threw some wrapping paper on top of it; we had a merry little blaze for a few seconds and then we had ashes all over the kitchen :) Always making memories... She liked the new stuffed singing bird for her collection, the first season of Fraggle Rock on DVD (one of her favourite shows as a kid), candle, notepad, and mirror that Layni bought with her own money. Marty had gotten her 14 roses in various hues of pink and red, and to my surprise, he got me 14 yellow roses! Jolie had written on the little card, to the effect of "Thanks for all you do for us, we love and appreciate you" and I thought, that's so nice, smelled the roses and went to say hi to Lysa, when Jolie yelled at me, "Look closer, it's a gift certificate!" So I get to go shopping at Wal-Mart, and that's always fun! I'm thinking, new summer shoes...

We had a barbecue for supper - steaks... so delicious. A great end to a great day.

But Mother's Day fun was not over, oh no! Monday night at church, we had a Mother's Day tea. Layni and I went with my friend Krista and her daughters Hailee and Maegan. We had tea and juice in real china tea cups (ironically, I had juice, while Layni actually had a cup of tea...) and strawberry shortcake. God answered my prayers and neither I nor any of the children broke any of our hostess's lovely china. There was a video of interviews with five ladies in our church about their journeys as mothers, wives and children of God. They were all such great testimonies... we all have a story, and it's so encouraging to hear how God works in each of our lives. There was also a Sears fashion show, which was fabulous fun, and lots of door prizes. I had to laugh, because they were modelling Sears skirts for "only" $40 or $50... but I got lots of compliments on my $8 Value Village skirt! It was a great evening... even though we missed the semi-finals of Dancing With the Stars. Okay, so I got up today and watched all the performances on Youtube. I have no idea who will win next week, but I'm voting for Apolo or Joey... Laila's good, but the other two are so entertaining and fun.

I hope everyone else had as great a weekend as I did!

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Instructor Krista said...

You're too funny Janis! My favorite show was Fraggle Rock as a kid, just like Jolie! I have that same dvd box set!

I love how you embrace your inner child, Janis, it is one of my favorite things about you. You are such a great friend, and a really fun person to be around!

LOVE YA! and happy mothers day