Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm Still Alive

Okay, I've been spending too much time on facebook and not enough time blogging... I really meant to be more faithful about it, but time keeps getting away from me. It's almost 1:00 AM and I need to go to bed. 7:00 AM comes too early, and six hours sleep is just not enough for me... I'm hoping it will be better once school is out, but that's probably a futile hope.

Jolie, Marty and I watched Christopher Guest's latest movie, "For Your Consideration" tonight (thus, why I'm up so late). It was a look at the "Oscar buzz" surrounding a movie and how it affected the actors involved. It had its funny and satirical moments, but didn't delve as deeply into the characters as his other movies. "A Mighty Wind" is still my favourite with "Best in Show" a close runner-up. I need to see "Waiting for Guffman" again; I don't remember it that well.

The past week has been full of excitement for me - can I blame that for why I'm so tired and haven't been blogging? Hee hee. Last Wednesday, our Bible study group threw a surprise party for our leader, Maria, to celebrate her "retirement" after teaching for ten years, as well as her birthday - and we managed to pull it off! (This was our second attempt.) We put together a scrapbook of photos, memories and best wishes, and enjoyed getting together to talk and of course, eat! The chocolate cake Krista supplied was DELICIOUS. It was so good to get together and celebrate this wonderful lady!

Thursday morning was our end of Bible study brunch at Shar's place - more food, talking and laughter. We'll be starting a Max Lucado book in July called "Traveling Light: Releasing Burdens You Were Never Meant to Bear" based on the 23rd Psalm. He is such a simple but profound writer - easy to read, very comforting and encouraging. And I really want to reread Beth Moore's "When Godly People Do Ungodly Things" - I feel like I've only scratched the surface of all there is to learn from that study! Oh, I need more time to do all the reading and studying I want to do!

Friday, I had lunch and great conversation with a lady from my church and a couple friends of hers. I also had supper and visited Clipper Street Scrapbooking Store with a friend on Wednesday night. So it was a great week for socializing but also exhausting! I'm not used to getting out that much :)

Saturday was Layni's Tae Kwon Do demonstration at the Korean Heritage Festival. The rain definitely put a damper on things (haha, I'm so punny!) but we enjoyed seeing the dancers and of course, Layni's martial arts skills. Her grandparents (paternal) also came to see her in action, as well as Jolie, Mattias and me. I swear, we might as well have let Mattias roll around in a mudpuddle - how can one little boy get so dirty and make such a big mess? And I thought Layni was bad!

Sunday was Layni's performance in the Children's Choir at church for the Father's Day service. The whole family came - though Jolie, Marty, Lysa, and Mattias were late and almost missed the whole thing! The perils of being bartenders and working until 3:30 AM. Although they missed one of the choir's three songs, they did make it in time for Layni's duet. Lysa, of course, loved the music - and she's been listening to these songs almost daily for a month. She giggled, squealed and shook her maraca in delight. (That pink maraca has been everywhere in the past few years - her faithful friend!) Mattias and Layni got to show Jolie and Marty the church library before we headed to McDonalds for lunch. I think Jolie finally appreciates how hard it is to get myself and two kids to church relatively on time every Sunday morning (partly so she and Marty can sleep in after their closing shifts). I really am awesome (and so humble)- hee hee!

Monday morning, I got to experience the mayhem that is the Women's Connections planning meeting. Really, just more food, talking and laughter - oh, and planning the next year's monthly Connections meetings for women at the church. We've got some exciting, fun stuff lined up!

Tonight, Jolie and I took the girls for a walk along the dykes. It was gorgeous out (oh yes, it's noteworthy that today we actually got sunshine, Hallelujah!) and we saw lots of birds (including a crane perched up in a tree, which I've never seen before - in the tree, I mean; I've seen cranes before), a turtle swimming along, and a deer. Oh, I love the beauty of God's creation - He's amazing!

I'm currently reading "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" - sadly, I'm probably going to cry when I read the last book. I've heard two major characters are going to die, and I just get way too emotionally involved in the lives of fictional people. Go ahead, mock me if you must. I'm also reading "Sunrise" by Karen Kingsbury (will probably also cry when that series ends) and "The 6th Target" in James Patterson's Women's Murder Club series (probably won't cry in that one, though they are fun and fast reads).

Layni has also gotten into chapter books, mostly involving fairies. It is wonderful to see this kid, who at the beginning of the year hated reading the simplest books and was put into resource reading, and now, she's reading chapter books all by herself for fun. And it keeps her quiet, which is wonderful!

Well, that's the highlights from my life and it's now 1:50 AM - somebody better be reading this blog and appreciate me not sleeping tonight just so I could keep you apprised of my life! Aren't I fabulous? It's definitely bedtime. And I'm not even going to check facebook tonight... it will have to wait for tomorrow. Isn't that strong of me?

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Krista said...

So strong, Janis... but did you actually manage to NOT check facebook!? LOL!

glad you enjoyed that cake, probably not as much as if I had actually made one myself, but i'm sure it was tasty nonetheless... Save on's cakes are pretty awesome. Way better than safeway in my opinion... OH GREAT, now I want cake.

Way to go Janis....