Saturday, June 09, 2007

Random Bits From the Last Week

Lysa made the secretary at the school cry and impressed all her friends with her "hello." She also made me laugh when she cracked up when I called her a "punk" - for some reason, that was a very funny word at that particular point in time and she laughed her head off every time I called her punk for half an hour. I love that kid - she's hilarious!

Layni's school has been learning hip-hop dances this past week and performed on Friday. Layni was very cute in her pigtails and Maxim Golf Experience visor which she borrowed from Mommy... hopefully none of the kids know what Maxim is. They did a fabulous job and were all so cute - even Lysa got into the act by being twirled in circles during one part of the performance, which made her scream with laughter - she's so freaking adorable!

It was Carnival night at Kids Night Out at church on Thursday. I heard there was going to be cupcakes so I accompanied Layni :) Aren't I great to take such an interest in her activities? Haha! It was really a pick-me-up for me in a down week... I had at least as much fun as the kids. I wore Layni's crazy balloon hat, looked like a drunk as I tried to Pin the Man on the Trail (they didn't have a donkey), won a cupcake in the cupcake walk, got three in and won a gumball at the beanbag toss and watched cotton candy being made. There were lots of other fun activities and prizes for the kids - I restrained myself and actually let the kids do some stuff too :)

I've been reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, spending too much time on facebook, and have found a new computer game, Peggles, that is threatening to overcome my obsession with Chuzzles.

Oh, here's my little rant for the day. Jolie and Marty have to work a weekend of day shifts every seven weeks (on rotation) and ALWAYS they fall on the most inconvenient weekend possible. Marty is taking an intensive 9-5 week at school this week (as well as his two night classes) so he can't pick up the kids from school on Friday (and I don't drive). Saturday, Layni is performing with her Tae Kwon Do class and Sunday she is performing with the Children's Choir in church for Father's Day. Stupid day shifts!

Well, I'm off to play Peggles... I mean do something constructive and worthwhile.

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