Thursday, July 19, 2007

Here in New Brunswick

I can't believe I'm actually here... it has felt like life is going too fast and I'm missing it... I've got to stop and enjoy the moments. I can't believe my brother's getting married in less than two days! It has been crazy this past week - getting ready to fly here, getting the house ready for Jolie's mom and step-dad, volunteering at Daily Vacation Bible School, on top of life in general. But now (okay, probably after the wedding!) I get to stop, and breathe and just take a moment. That sounds good! I had a good flight - got through security though they were patting everyone down, checking belts, etc., slight delay in Toronto, but otherwise uneventful. I finished "Coral Moon" by Brandilyn Collins, a Christian suspense writer, and almost finished another book "Why I Jumped" by Tina Zahn, a true story of a woman who was miraculously saved after jumping off a bridge due to severe postpartum depression exacerbated by childhood abuse. Have I mentioned lately that I love books? I look forward to (guilt-free!) reading on my vacation. My best friend, Alisha, and her mom and daughter are picking me up for lunch tomorrow, my younger brother arrives from Calgary tomorrow night, and Saturday afternoon is the wedding! I hope to get some sleep to combat the worst of the jet lag so I can enjoy the big day. It's strange being on the other side of the four hour time difference... it's almost 11:00 here but only 7:00 in Vancouver. I'm going to miss all my friends in Vancouver - from that perspective, a month seems like a long time! - but thinking of a month here in New Brunswick just to relax and visit family and friends, not in the usual crazy rush, sounds wonderful... a little surreal! Well, I really don't have much to report... except that Cavendish Flavour Fries are DELICIOUS!!! and I'll probably go unpack while waiting for my mom to get home from work so we can have our "girlish chatter" - haha!

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Anonymous said...

A month with family - sounds wonderful. Have a great time - you deserve it!