Friday, July 27, 2007

Hot and Humid

It's hot and humid here in NB - my father finally got the 20 year old air conditioner installed in his office, so I'm nice and cool as I type on the computer, but trying to sleep might not be so comfortable... unless I sleep on the floor in here! Actually, I can't do that, because the 20 year old air conditioner can't run all night, for fear of breaking or burning down the house or something fun like that.

It's been a nice, lazy week. Wednesday night, Kevin and I went to Sussex to visit our old haunting grounds at Circle Square Ranch, where we worked years ago. My fifth and final summer there was in 1998, just before I moved to British Columbia. It brought back a lot of memories and nostalgia for a very happy and fulfilling time in my life. Sometimes I'm afraid I've lost myself in the midst of the busyness and demands of everyday life. I look back then and I seemed to be more joyful, more hopeful and optimistic, more energetic, more loving, more focused and disciplined, more faithful, more inspired. I don't know, maybe I'm just looking back with rose-coloured glasses, but I would like to bring more of that back into my life....

I've done a little shopping with my mom this week... why is spending money so much fun? Not really spending it, but the stuff you can get with it... am I getting more materialistic in my old age? I hope not, but dollar stores, they call to me. Hee hee.

Last night, I had a sleepover at my brother's house with my best friend. We were taking care of Dan and Melissa's two dogs - Sadie and Lily, and two cats - Alex and Molly. Seriously, I think it was more nerve-wracking than taking care of kids! Sadie has back problems, arthritis, and is going blind, but this little dog has the guts of a German shepherd in its prime. She managed to run up and down the stairs a few times (which she's not supposed to do), and somehow jumped up on the ledge in the laundry room and ate the cat food. That was after Alex threw up all over the kitchen floor. Maybe one or two I could handle at once, but managing four pets was a bit taxing! However, they all survived and so did I.

Alisha and I pigged out on Coke, popcorn and cake, played rummy, and had "girlish chatter." She also introduced me to the joys of "Firefly" - a TV series on DVD. Oh, I was skeptical... I'm generally not into the sci-fi, spaceship stuff (like Star Trek etc.) but this show defies easy categorization. It's sort of a sci-fi western with a comic twist. I am absolutely in love with all the characters, even Jayne, who's generally a jackass. That's okay, I guess, as long as you're a hilarious jackass! I've already watched eight episodes in the last 24 hours and will probably finish the rest over the next couple days. It was great fun being together again. We met in Grade 7, actually became friends in Grade 9, went to college and moved out west together. She's like a sister to me, and we have been through it all together! I'm going to her parents' house on Sunday (they're like a second family to me) to celebrate her dad's birthday. Tomorrow, we're having a happy birthday Dan and Kev/Kevin's going away party. Melissa's parents and my aunt and uncle (who hosted a barbeque at their house Thursday night - yum!) are coming as well.

My mom and I talked, snacked and watched "The Queen" tonight. Helen Mirren was amazing. I have a lot of respect for the Queen, who has always put duty before self. Hers is a life I would never want to lead.

Well, that updates you on the happenings on the East Coast. Must get to bed - love to all the faithful fans who read my blog, haha!

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Anonymous said...

I can only imagine how big and how loud this air conditioning unit must be. Gotta love air conditioners! You are so funny!