Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Swimming Fun with Lysa

I am so good at keeping this blog updated daily... Hahahahaha!!! Let me blame it on the heat - it makes me lazy. Yeah, that's my excuse! Seriously, enjoying the sunshine, but the heat is a whole other matter.

Lysa and I walked over to the Aquatic Centre and went swimming today. She went with her buddies at school on Tuesday afternoons and they said she enjoyed it, but I had no idea! As soon as we got into the toddler pool, she started laughing and kicking. She got quite the workout as we were there for at least an hour. I find people's reactions so interesting. A little boy, about three, was grinning at her while she laughed and kicked and then asked about her G-tube. I told him that it's cool because she has two "belly buttons" and this one is for her to drink and eat through sometimes. He thought that was great. His little sister, maybe a year old, just wanted to touch it. Another kid, maybe seven, came in and was pretending to bash his head into the wall and get brain damage... boys, they're wierd but sometimes amusing. He asked what her disability is, so I told him she stopped breathing when she was ten weeks old which resulted in brain damage. "Oh," he said, "well, she's still got lots of hair and it's really curly!"

After lunch, I passed out from the heat... I'm not sure if Lysa had a nap too, or if she just listened to her music and kicked, but I couldn't make myself care. Thank goodness she's so laid-back. I wish I could bottle the kids' energy and stamina and either sell it (I would be a multi-billionaire) or even just use it for myself to keep up with them!

I talked to my dad tonight, who just got back to NB from his trip out west (to Alberta, not BC... boo hoo. Next time, he says). He fit a lot into his week away... toured Calgary with my brother and uncle, visited Jasper, the West Edmonton Mall, several golf courses, the Calgary Stampede, and stopped into Toronto to visit the Hockey Hall of Fame on his way home. Just over a week, and I'll be back in NB to see his pictures!

I'm feeling lazy combined with too much stuff to do... keep Lysa entertained, keep the house clean, try to clean my room and pack for NB, finish a project that I started three years ago (discipline is not my strong point), find a wedding present for my brother and soon to be sister-in-law, and get ready for two mornings of story time with the kindergarteners at VBS next week. And I really don't want to do anything at all in this heat. Except maybe read a book or watch "The Office"... well, it's almost midnight, and I should be getting to bed. Love to all my faithful readers, haha!

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