Monday, August 06, 2007

Quick Update

Saturday was my brother and sister-in-law's reception/barbecue for extended family and friends at Oakland Lodge in Fredericton, a beautiful property, and yet more good food. I got to visit with some more of my aunts and uncles, which was great.

Sunday went to Lincoln Baptist Church again and loved the singing and sermon of that small in number, but big in spirit, church. Sunday night, Alisha and Derek came over for a late supper (she's always late; it's a perpetual joke now) and we watched the movie "Serenity" which is a sequel to the "Firefly" TV series that they got me addicted to. Alisha and I then played Uno and laughed our heads off while Derek kept score, doodled on the notepad and lamented how late it was getting and how he would really love to go to bed at a reasonable hour once in awhile. Sorry, Derek, not while I'm visiting, haha!

Today, Mom and I slept in while Dad got up ridiculously early to go golfing. Then we went for a drive in search of half-and-half soft ice cream (which we finally found at the local Dairy Delite), followed by a walk on the "old highway" - a beautiful trail by the river. Tonight, I got together with Tammy, for supper and catching up and lots of laughing, followed by "The Bourne Ultimatum." Matt Damon is hot in those movies, I have to say. And it's one of very few movie franchises that has managed to be enjoyable every time - I say go ahead, and make another awesome sequel... I'm ready for it!

I'm leaving tomorrow for a week on the road. Going to Campobello and Deer Island with my parents for two days, visiting my aunt in St.Andrews for a couple days, then going to Alisha's house to visit with old friends who are coming for the weekend from Petitcodiac, and returning for my Mom's birthday on Monday. Then one more week and I'll be back in BC! It's been great, but it's amazing how fast the time goes. I'm sure I'll have mixed feelings going back, eager to see everyone again in BC, but missing everyone here in NB. Anyway, must go, it's 12:30 AM and I need to pack and get some sleep!

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