Sunday, August 26, 2007

Why Janis Doesn't Cook

Yesterday, I was making buckwheat pancakes for supper and arguing with Jolie about how good they are. I say, "Other pancakes taste bland in comparison." She says, "You know how you don't eat green food? Well, I don't eat grey food!" She was getting ready for work and I was thinking about how much I hate cooking, even something as simple as pancakes, when I noticed some smoke coming from the top of the stove. I thought maybe it was something that had fallen down into the burner and looked closer to find that I had turned the wrong burner on and had just cooked our kettle. Crap! And that, folks, is why I stick to microwave popcorn or cheese bread and french fries in the toaster oven.


Krista said...

Janis, you are a riot! And that's why I love you!

Does Jolie like cooked kettles?

Janis said...

Marty was very impressed... especially when he went to make tea, haha!