Thursday, September 13, 2007

Just For Fun

Sunday night, Jolie asked me if I wanted to join her and Marty in going up to Harrison Hot Springs on Monday. "What for?" I asked her, thinking it would be an excursion related to her fledgling jewelery-making business, or to look at a property they were interested in. "I thought we could go up and enjoy the public pool, where the hot springs are pumped in, just for fun," she replied. I was flabbergasted... Just for fun? It's been forever since we grown-ups have done something together without the kids "just for fun." I kind of thought she was kidding at first. But she wasn't! So after dropping the kids off at school, we drove there and enjoyed the hot spring-fed public pool. But let me say, you really can't take Marty out in public. I didn't know whether to be embarassed and annoyed or amused by his antics, so I ended up being both. Here we are, probably the youngest people there by thirty years at least, all these lovely older people enjoying a nice relaxing soak in the pool, and Marty's is showing off his solo synchronized swimming moves and creating minor tidal waves... I imagine they were all cursing the "youngins" for their tomfoolery... but I swear, it was only Marty. Jolie and I both behaved very respectably (with the exception of bringing Marty along). Anyway, it was amazing to get away and do something "just for fun"!

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