Saturday, September 08, 2007


Once again, I've not been faithfully keeping up my blog... oops. I really have no excuses. The girls are back to school and find out on Monday who their teacher(s) will be. We're not sure yet, but they may be in separate classes this year, which might actually be a more difficult transition for Layni than Lysa. It's wonderful to see the close relationship they have, and that Layni still enjoys being with her sister, but it might also be good for her to get out on her own and not feel so responsible for her. Lysa's SEA said if they are in different classes, they will do some transition visits to make it easier for everyone. We're very happy that Lysa has her SEA, Cherry, back this year. We love her and are glad to have someone who loves and knows Lysa so well.

I finished reading "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" yesterday. I basically stayed home and read all day Thursday, but couldn't quite finish it before falling asleep that night (you know you're getting older when...) It was a great read, and yes, I'm a big nerd and proud of it! Jolie asked me if I was weeping, which I wasn't, but I did have tears in my eyes at a couple points. It's kind of sad that it's all over, but satisfying too... I hope J.K. Rowling doesn't sell out and write another one. So many people have ruined a good thing by not leaving it alone... like the abysmal remake of my childhood classic "The Dukes of Hazzard" - shame on you, Willie Nelson, for what you did to Uncle Jessie! And a sequel to "Gone With the Wind" or the proposed prequel to "Anne of Green Gables" - SO WRONG!!!

Tuesday night, we're starting a ten month scrapbooking journey called "A Legacy of Faith" at my church. One Tuesday a month, we'll do a page pertaining to our faith journey, like the Biblical meaning of your name, your spiritual mentor, favourite Bible verse or hymn etc. I've never scrapbooked before (though I do make cards), so this will be a fun way to get introduced to it.

Thursday morning, my Bible study starts. We're doing a book called "Pray" by Tony Jones - you'll never guess what it's about, haha! It examines prayers through the Bible and early church in order to impact your own prayer life. I'm hoping it will be a great time of fellowship, learning and heartfelt prayer that will be a blessing to us all.

Some people I love are going through very hard times right now, and sometimes it's hard not to get discouraged. Sometimes it's hard to pray - what do I say? Will it make any difference? But I've found when all else fails, I can sing... an old hymn of faith to cry out to my God and remind me of who He is. My favourites are "Be Thou My Vision," "Standing on the Promises," and "There's Power in the Blood."

Well, I need to go get the kids ready for bed so we can all get up in time for church... it always seems no matter how early I try to get up, we're always running late. Oh well, at least we get there!

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