Saturday, October 27, 2007

I Thought It Would Be Easier... Silly Me!

I assumed since I had only one kid this weekend, it would be an easy, quiet weekend. Well, it was quieter, except for the constant, "Janis, Janis, do you want to play with me? Do you want to play a game? Do you want to colour? Do you want to watch a show together? Do you want to play in my room? Do you want to play with my toys?" I forgot that while Mattias wouldn't have anyone to fight with, he also wouldn't have anyone to play with... I guess Daddy and Jo just won't suffice... why do I have to be so awesome?! So we watched Larry-Boy and we played trains and cars and coloured and played Webkinz and Petz and Pixelchix and Chuzzles (I know - too many computer games... but I get addicted! Oh, and I do let him actually play... a little. Haha!) and read books and practiced the alphabet and played with our Sesame Street toys... I just wish I had his stamina. It's sad I can't keep up. I did manage to make a few Christmas cards for our church's fundraising and went to Chapters (and the library and Blessings... I am such a book addict!) while he went shopping with Daddy and Jo for Daddy's Halloween costume (for work at the bar tonight). I was so bad... I bought three books today. It's my greatest weakness. I can say no to a lot of things, but books and presents are my two downfalls. And Christmas is coming... uh-oh! Well, I've got to get a good night's sleep so I'll be awake for church and lunch at McDonalds tomorrow... but it WILL be easier with only one kid to get ready. That's the hardest part of Sunday mornings. Getting up and getting myself and the kids ready to go... and when we have to walk in the rain. Hopefully, it will not be raining tomorrow, as I don't have the stroller with the rain cover. Anyway, I'm really going now... and I will try to not stay up all night reading a book... have I mentioned how much I love books?!

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