Sunday, October 28, 2007

Restful Sunday... despite the rain!

Mattias woke me up at 7:30 AM crying. Half-asleep, I asked him, "Did you have a bad dream? Did you hurt yourself?" "No, I'm not going to church," he cried. Last night, he told me he didn't want to go to church with me, and I had told him, Okay, that's your choice, I'm not going to make you go if you don't want to. I guess he thought I would hold him to it - silly boy! So we went to church and to McDonalds for lunch with friends from church, and when we got home, I read for a little bit and then had a lovely long nap... it's become my Sunday afternoon tradition. Well, it is the day of rest, right?! Tonight, I went to the "Young Adults" Bible study at church - I'm the oldest one by far, but they didn't kick me out so I guess it's okay :) We had a good discussion about a passage in the book of Mark... shows you how far I've come, that I'm throwing my viewpoints out there... I was probably the most talkative one there. I laughed when Melanie said I seemed so knowledgeable... I just have a good study Bible with lots of notes :) It was nice to get to know some different people in the church and share different perspectives... always interesting. Well, the girls are in bed and I think I'm heading there soon too... after a little reading, of course.

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