Saturday, November 10, 2007

Quickly... Before the Internet Goes Down Again!

Seriously, Marty... give it up, and call in the professionals already! I'm tired of having no phone and no internet... no way to keep in touch with people!

Last night Layni prayed, "Thank you God for all the dead people." I had a hard time waiting until the end of her prayer to ask about that one... turns out she was thinking of Remembrance Day and all the people who died in war... now THAT makes more sense.

I've been still struggling with the blahs... but really enjoyed finally getting a little sunshine. Thank You, God! Finally!

It's been a relatively quiet week... meaning relatively, when there's three kids around... no major bloodshed, haha!

God, help me have a more joyful and grateful attitude this next week... help me to keep laughing, and may Your joy be my strength, even in the midst of the blahs.


Anonymous said...

I'm here for you my friend! What are you doing wednesday morning around 10? We could get together over here, have a visit, and I could give you that haircut you wanted so desperately!!! Call me and let me know if that works! Miss you and can't wait to catch up!

Anonymous said...

Also... starting next week... I would love to join your Bible Study... perhaps you could catch me up on what I've missed so far?

Is there a book I need to get?