Monday, December 03, 2007


You have to understand... I love my teeth. I am so grateful for my teeth. My parents shelled out a lot of money to take care of my teeth, including years of braces and retainers. I have nightmares about losing my teeth... literally, nightmares about them falling out. Psychologically, that's supposed to mean a fear of change, but I'm pretty sure I am actually just really, really scared of losing my teeth. I don't have health insurance, so I pay at least a couple hundred a year to keep them clean, cavity-free and healthy. I love my smile; I love my teeth. So a couple years ago, when the dentist told me I was grinding them away in my sleep and I saw the evidence of them chipping off, I paid the almost $400 on my limited budget to get the mouth guard to protect them. My teeth are worth the investment... have I mentioned that I value, treasure, and cherish my teeth? Of course, I thought problem solved. I never thought to ask if there was some sort of warranty on mouth guards, how long they might last etc. There is no warranty. They usually last five years and then you have to shell out another $400... evidently, I am a really stressed out person because mine lasted just over a year... how ironic - I'm probably grinding my teeth because I'm worried about losing my teeth and how much I have to pay to keep my teeth. So evidently I'm now going to have shell out another $500 (I also need a cleaning and check-up) to ensure the health and well-being of my teeth. And I'd better get it done ASAP because if I'm this frustrated and upset when I'm completely awake, I'm sure my teeth will be ground down to nothing in just a few nights. GRRRRRR!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I've got a mouth guard too. I grind my teeth in my sleep and have chipped molars to show for it... I hate wearing my guard and don't even know where I've stored it! HAHAHA It's not very comfortable.

Do you have the hard or soft kind? Mines that pesky hard block just over the front teeth... man I wish I'd chosen the soft one.

Anonymous said...

Janis... I think it's time you posted again!!! I'm going through Janis Blog withdrawls here...


Sheesh, I know you'r this super busy nanny and it's right before Christmas... but COMEON... think of your loyal readers... what about the little people... I'm not sure who the little people are, certainly not me... my butts too big to be considered a "little people" but, seriously... we NEED to know what's happening!!!!

hee hee hee