Sunday, December 02, 2007

Random Thoughts

I don't know how this happened, but one Sunday night a few weeks ago, Jolie and I landed on Wisteria Lane and now, I look forward to Desperate Housewives... so much drama... I resisted for three seasons... what happened?

The Children's Choir concert at church today was delightful (except for trying to keep "my" kids quiet!) and lunch afterwards with friends was fun too (except for, again, trying to keep "my" kids in line... boy, was I glad to get home and give them back to their parents!)

I LOVE this snow... except for trying to get around in it... getting soaking wet or worrying about a car accident... but curling up inside and watching the snow fall down in huge flakes and listening to Christmas carols... so peaceful and lovely. I just need a barley toy to suck on while I read a book (my East Coast suppliers are having some difficulty tracking the product down this year).

Jolie's birthday was fun. Layni, Mattias and I took Jolie to see A Bee Movie (we were going to see Enchanted, but it was sold out), which she loved (for the second time!) Okay, seriously, what is wrong with me that I can't say no to that greasy movie popcorn? I'm fine not buying it, but if it's THERE, I can't stop eating it... my stomach regretted it later that night. Maybe coupled with the chocolate birthday cake, it was too much! We played Dora Headbandz, which us girls really sucked at, but Mattias seemed to have ESP... "Am I alive? No. Am I something you eat? No. Am I a car? Yes, you freak, how did you guess that?!" So much for drinking and wild parties... hello, thirty! Not that she's ever really been a drinking/wild parties kind of girl ;) And she got her birthday wish... SNOW... she was thrilled.

Mel B (Scary Spice) was totally cheated out of the Dancing with the Stars disco ball trophy... what is with Helio and that creepy grin? Sure, Julianne's a great dancer, but HE's not that great. Yes, I'm bitter. But thank God, Marie didn't win! Okay, I will let go of the Dancing with the Stars obsession... until it comes back in March. Hee hee.

I finished "A Breath of Snow and Ashes" last night. I feel bereft without a 900 page book to lug around. I do have three Lord John Grey novels to read now, but it's not the same. I'll miss Jamie, Claire, Roger, Brianna, Ian and everybody else until the next book is published (probably two years away at least, boo hoo!)

I can't believe December is here... I've got to clean my room... it's even more of a disaster than usual... wrap presents, write Christmas cards... watch Christmas shows... Shrek the Halls and the Corner Gas Christmas special are on tomorrow night... yay! I love Christmas time! The girls and I are reading a really cool book called "The Christmas Mystery"... set in Norway, a little boy finds a magic Advent calendar and behind each door is not only a picture, but part of a story, which we hear as we read along each day with him, until the mystery is revealed on Christmas Eve.

I've got to go slather my cracked, dry hands with lotion. It's so peaceful here. The kids are sleeping, Marty's at work, Jolie's working on her jewelery, we're listening to Christmas music. A beautiful night.


Family Of Five said...

I DON'T drive in the snow! I HATE the snow. I don't even like being a passenger in the snow, I am paranoid. I actually really want to see Enchanted, I think it looks cute!

Anonymous said...

Jolie is awesome, her birthday wish was to have snow?! Mine too!!! unfortunately, my stupid birthday is in stupid July... hot hot hot... you know me and the heat... bleck. So gross!

I enjoyed lunch with you, so did Shawn and the girls! Shawn's so excited about our firefly 'date' tomorow morning... he's practically counting down the hours with a smug grin on his face... sheesh.

I hope you two realise I'm only doing this because I love you so much! :)

See you in the morning!