Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So THAT'S What Christmas Is About...

I just finished watching "The Nativity Story" and yes, I cried. I think it touched me more deeply than "The Passion of the Christ." It struck me how hard it must have been for Joseph and Mary... two ordinary people chosen by God for an extraordinary - perhaps the most extraordinary thing - to raise His Son, the Son who would grow up to be our Saviour. What a dangerous time it was, people just trying to survive... pay their taxes, feed their families, honour God in their everyday lives. How ostracized first Mary, then Joseph as well, must have felt for something that wasn't their choice, that was thrust upon them by God and misconstrued by people who didn't know or understand the truth. How afraid and overwhelmed they must have felt, how many tears they must have cried. How amazing it was that the angels appeared to lowly shepherds, nobodies, outcasts... that they were invited to celebrate this extraordinary event... the birth of the Messiah, promised for centuries. The horror and injustice of all those baby boys killed by Herod, the grief of their mothers, the sacrifice they made, so that Jesus could live and grow up and sacrifice Himself. The wonderment of Mary and Joseph as the three wise men, regal and wealthy and superior in social status, bowed down and worshiped their son, who was born in a stable surrounded by animals. Oh, the humility of our Almighty God... using the lowly things of this world to shame the wise, the weak to shame the strong... oh, that we would learn from Him! It is all too amazing for words... I can't even begin to grasp it all with my mind or heart... oh God, all I can say is, Thank You. And please keep on opening my heart and mind to Your wonders and mysteries, that I may know You and Your ways more each day of my life.

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