Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tis the Season

I'm sitting here at my brother's computer while he's working hard to bring home the bread and the bacon for my breakfast (haha!) and I finally have time all to myself, in complete peace and quiet, without anything I HAVE to do. Wow.

I suppose I should back up to my birthday, which was a wonderful day. Last year was my big 30, so I invited a bunch of friends from church to have breakfast at White Spot with me. It was so much fun and everyone told me I should do it again this year, so I did, and even more people showed up! I think there were 22 of us total. We were so rowdy, that a member of the SWAT team had to come over and threaten us for disturbing the peace - actually a few of my friends arranged that, so I got my picture taken with a cute cop on my birthday :) Thanks guys, for picking the cute one to come over, hee hee! Everyone spoiled me with cards and gifts, which was lots of fun (thanks everyone!), but more than that it was overwhelming to be surrounded by all these people that I love and that love me too. God has brought me so far and blessed me so much. Thank You, Jesus!

Afterwards, I went on a dollar store shopping extravaganza with two of my friends. Is it sad that it brought me so much joy? I had so much fun, picking up last minute Christmas things and some card-making supplies... and everything was only a dollar!

That night, we had our family birthday party. Jolie cooked up a delicious turkey dinner in our broken oven (God bless her!), we had ice cream cake and opened presents. I got a massaging shower head from Marty, a really cool new tote bag from Jolie, clothes from the kids, bath stuff from my brother, and 2 seasons of Gilmore Girls from my mom and dad. It's so nice to be spoiled sometimes!

The girls had their Christmas concert the day before my birthday. Lysa had been good all through rehearsals, but the day of the show, decided she'd rather sit with Mommy and enjoy just listening. (And thanks to Lysa, we had front row seats reserved for us... that kid comes in handy sometimes!) At first, Layni was very upset that she was picked to be the elf ("It's because I'm the smallest kid in my class! I hate being the smallest!"), but I stayed up until 2:00 AM sewing ribbons and bells on to make her costume, which was a hit. (And considering how much I HATE sewing, that makes me the best mom ever, haha!) All the kids did a great job, but as Jolie said, it's SO not the same as when we were kids. But perhaps I'll rant about that another time :)

I flew into Calgary Christmas Eve day and met my brother's girlfriend, who's a lovely person (what's she doing with my brother? haha!). We went out for lunch and saw "National Treasure: Book of Secrets" which was great fun to watch... I LOVE the sidekick... he's hilarious. That night I had a couple shots with Kev's friends and we went to see the Christmas lights at the Calgary zoo. The reason I don't usually drink is the same reason I don't eat vegetables... I don't like the taste and I don't have the desire to "acquire" it. It's probably a good thing in terms of alcohol though... I'm not very good at moderation with things I like :) When we got home, I was exposed to my yearly dose of wrestling, courtesy of my brother, and we watched The Trailer Park Boys Christmas special... classic :)

Christmas Day we slept in until 9:00, then opened presents. Once again, I was so spoiled with gift certificates, DVDs, cozy fleece pj's, candy, card-making supplies and the big one... a digital camera from my brothers. I've finally joined the 21st century! Kev took me to a beautiful place called Elbow Falls (which he told me he uses to impress all the ladies, haha!), then we went to our uncle's for a delicious Christmas dinner, then came home and watched my brother's new Family Guy DVD.

Today we went to the Strathmore Walmart (my brother lives about 45 minutes outside of Calgary) to spend our gift cards. We got to the till with all our stuff and were told they weren't accepting gift cards today. (The lady behind me who had stood in line for half an hour was NOT impressed... well, I don't think most people were!) Kev still got his year's supply of DVDs to watch, and I got a few things too.

Tomorrow, I'm going out with my aunt while my brother works, to a local used bookstore that always has a huge after-Christmas sale... does life get any better? It's been more of a short holiday with my brother than usual, as he has to work two of the four days I'm here (we only got one movie in this year... unheard of!), but it's still been great to hang out with him.

Now I have several hours to myself to read, watch movies or do whatever I like. Complete freedom, complete quiet... wow. It's so nice. Hope everyone was blessed with a Christmas as good as mine.

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