Monday, January 21, 2008

Christmas is over for another year...

I FINALLY took down the Christmas tree this morning and packed away all the Christmas decorations. Our house seems so big and barren without it. So BLAH. Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter etc. just don't brighten up the whole house the way Christmas time does... of course, the bills go up too, with all the lights on all the time... at least Marty will be happy!

Lysa stayed home from school today so they could organize some new things for her. Her SEAs and Jolie attended an amazing workshop last week by a woman who teaches ways for kids with severe handicaps to better communicate their needs and wants, so we have lots of new ideas and things to try out... it's very exciting. Lysa has always been happy and enjoyed her music, cuddling, kicking, walks, social times etc., but now she will be able to be a more active participant in her life and deciding what she wants to do... yay!

This afternoon, Lysa and I went for a walk while Jolie took Layni to Tae Kwon Do (and Marty went skiing and messed up his knee yet again!). When Lysa goes for a walk, she wants to walk, not stop and look at things or play like Layni and Mattias. So we enjoyed the trails in the woods around our house. I was deep in thought, thinking and praying (and worrying!) about various things, when all of a sudden Lysa bursts out laughing. The trail was a little bumpy so the stroller was vibrating and when she vocalized, her voice vibrated too, which she found hilarious. She has acute hearing, her strongest sense, and gains so much joy from funny sounds... like farts, burps, things being dropped... tonight, Layni had put some bath fizzies in a cup of water and then put the cup by Lysa's ear so she could hear the fizzing sound... she cracked up. And Lysa's laughter is absolutely contagious... you cannot hear it and NOT laugh along with her. I am so thankful for her, that she makes me stop and notice the little things and laugh in the midst of whatever's going on. There is a Bible verse that says "The joy of the Lord is my strength." Lysa reminds me of that all the time.

On a somewhat sad note, I accidentally put her fart-making toy in the wash today with her winter jacket... oops! I'll have to get her a new one at the dollar store - hopefully they still have them, or I may never be forgiven, haha!


Family Of Five said...

My kids have this glorious way of slowing me down to appreciate some of the amazing things we take for granted every day. I love the awe in their eyes as they see some simple things! Experiencing life along side a child is the most wonderful experience!

Family Of Five said...

By the way.... I always wanted to answer your title. NOTHING! Nothing at all! :)