Thursday, January 03, 2008


It's like taking a walk in the woods, surrounded by the beauty of God's creation, enjoying the ancient trees and running water of the creek nearby, the mossy grass beneath your feet, the crisp, clear air... when suddenly, you're bitten by a poisonous snake. You find yourself gasping for air, feeling the toxic poison spreading throughout your body, unable to stop its progress, wondering if this time it will kill you, and will the pain ever go away? You feel so lonely lying there in the woods, surrounded by beauty that you can no longer grasp, wondering if the pain will ever stop, or if you'll die alone in the wilderness.

That's how I feel tonight.

Tomorrow morning, I will probably wake up after a good night's rest and the sun will be shining brightly again. (Metaphorically speaking... It's supposed to rain here for the next two weeks.) But tonight, it feels very lonely and dark.

Depression sucks...

But Jesus reigns. And thank God for that. That is my hope and my salvation.


Family Of Five said...

I hope today was a better day! :) Hugs!

Janis said...

Thanks, Shelley. It was!