Monday, January 07, 2008

On the Bright Side...

I was just telling someone today how it seems like the people who are decent and hard-working never catch a break. Case in point: Jolie. She's been trying to get her jewelery-making business off the ground so she can quit the physically and emotionally draining bar scene. Her sister's store in Edmonton, where her jewelery was starting to sell over Christmas, has closed. And now, Eklectica, the downtown store that was showcasing her pieces, was broken into. Six to ten of her most expensive pieces were stolen.

Jolie is looking on the bright side, however. The insurance company will reimburse her for the wholesale price of her pieces, she still has 15-20 that weren't taken, and her display cabinet wasn't damaged.

But it just makes me mad that her beautiful, some which were one-of-a-kind, jewelery was taken by stupid thieves! I get personally attached to the jewelery myself :)

God bless Jolie for her positive outlook on the situation... and hopefully, soon, she will get her big break... instead of a break-in!

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Family Of Five said...

That's so terrible! But.... yes, there is always a bright side! No one with great success got there easily! One day...obstical and step at a time!