Sunday, January 27, 2008

Snow Much Fun!

Walking to church with Layni this morning was like walking in a snow globe. Walking back home after church was like walking in a snowglobe that someone is madly shaking! I was soaking wet by the time I got home, but it was a beautiful walk.

After lunch, Jolie and I took Lysa to Colony Farm for a walk in the snow. (Layni's at her friend's birthday party this afternoon, so no, we didn't leave her out!) By the time we got there, the sun was out full force and even the flurries had stopped. We loaded Lysa onto the little red sled. We've had to be creative in ways to keep her warm as she doesn't move around like us. We've finally discovered that putting a pair of fuzzy socks on her hands under her mittens keeps them toasty warm, and today, we put a pair of my mittens over her shoes (over two pairs of socks) and that actually worked to keep her feet warm... Jolie and I were laughing our heads off at Lysa, with socks on her hands and mittens on her feet! She loved being pulled over the snow - the more bumps, the better, and was laughing most of the way. I love that kid and her laughter... it's the most wonderful sound in the world!


Family Of Five said...

So cute! We actually had lots of fun in the snow today too... as much as I hate it!

Anonymous said...

We, sadly, stayed in today, Maegan had a bit of a temperature and a sore throat from coughing all night, poor thing. So we stayed in to keep her company, played games, scrapbooked, baked and then had nachos and a movie! It was a splendid day! It sure sounds like you had one too! I'll let you know about wednesday, tomorow's a no go, unfortunately! And maybe wednesday we can squeeze in your haircut unless you've gone somewhere else by now! (Not that I blame you!)