Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sunny Day

Since the girls had the day off from school, we had to get out in the sunshine, so we went for a wonderful walk on the Pitt River dykes. We were all bundled up against the crisp weather; unfortunately, I forgot my sunglasses, as I'm not used to needing them, so I squinted a lot :) We saw two bald eagles sitting regally in the top of a dead tree silhouetted against the blue sky... gorgeous! And of course, saw a few cranes and lots of our duck friends. Layni brought her little digital camera she got for Christmas and was enthusiastically snapping away at the wildlife, mountains, trees and frost-covered grass. She is very much her mother's daughter! So her new thing she wants to be when she grows up is a photographer, "And I'll be the best, because I'm starting so young!" Sometimes I could squeeze her to death, she's just so cute.


Heather said...

Wasnt' it a perfect day? We ended up taking a walk around Como Lake. It was half frozen and the ducks were waddling all over the ice. It was pretty funny looking!

Family Of Five said...

That is so cute! Great she is thinking ahead! Easton - a Digger man..... Brianne - a princess! LOL!