Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Bird Poop Theories, courtesy of Mattias

On Sunday, as we were waiting at a crosswalk on our way to McDonalds after church, I suddenly felt this big splash of liquid on the sleeve of my jacket. At first, I thought it was dripping water from a tree overhead, but there was far too much of it for that, and it was a milky colour. Turns out there was a crow sitting on the light post above us, who got me and Layni good. It was in Layni's hair and down the sleeve of her coat. Mattias, in the stroller, got off scot-free. Well, I just burst out laughing and Layni was soon joining in; for some reason, this struck us as hysterically funny... the fact that neither one of us got it in the face probably helped :)

The next day, Mattias says to me, "Janis, I think I know why the bird pooped on you and Layni and not on me. Maybe it's because Jo yells at the crows when she puts the peanuts out (for the squirrels) and so they don't like girls."

That's a pretty good theory from a four year old!


Anonymous said...

Okay... we're still waiting for more hilarious anecdotes courtesy of Mattias' unique imagination!!!

Sheesh, I know your busy being Miss Universe and all, on top of your duties as Friend of the Year, and also Inspiring Role Model... but sheesh, throw us a bone wouldja??? You're loyal readers are becoming restless! WE NEED THE JANIS BLOG TO SURVIVE DAMMIT!!!


Sorry, I'm feeling a bit goofy today, and really, I just love reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

I would also like to add, that the hilarious anecdotes need not just be from Mattias' unique imagination... anything will do really!!!