Monday, February 04, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Monday Night...

Well, poor Lysa has been off from school for a week. Every time we think she's getting over it (whatever "it" is exactly), she wakes up again with a fever. Jolie took her to the doctor today and he's guessing it may be a particle of food that went down the wrong tube and ended up in her lungs, where it's getting infected. She's on a short term antibiotic, and hopefully that will help her recover quicker. I hate seeing our little bunny feeling under the weather!

Mattias and I had a funny conversation as we were walking to church yesterday morning:

Mattias: "Mommy's growing a baby, but it's taking a LONG time."
Me: "Yes, babies do take awhile to grow. Do you want a brother or a sister?"
Mattias: "I want a brother. I already kind of have two sisters."
Me: "Well, Mommy doesn't have any girls, so she might want a girl. Would that be okay with you?"
Mattias: "I guess so, but I'd like a brother better." In a VERY worried voice, "I don't want the baby to pick my nose!"
Me: Burst of laughter, then, "I think the baby will be too little to pick your nose."
Mattias: "Well, it might try when it gets older."
Me: "Well, you'll just have to teach your brother or sister not to pick people's noses."

I have been really tired lately. Everything seems overwhelming... household chores, cleaning my room, doing Bible study... everything just seems so hard. And I've been worrying way too much about things I can't control, but I don't know how to stop. You can pray for me, if you like :)

We had a great turnout at Women's Connections tonight. We had chocolate and cheesecake, which was delicious - and you know how picky I am! - and a great guest speaker, Krista Penner, who had us all laughing but also hit home with some challenging and inspiring truth too. It was nice to actually get a night out... I'm usually home with the kids!

Have I mentioned how excited I am that Lost is back? I may be a geek, but I love that show! And let's face it, Sawyer is not hard to look at :)

We watched a portion of the Miss America pageant last night, and in its quest to be "modern" and culturally relevant, it has turned into something truly awful. I mean yes, it used to be cheesy, but it was classy-cheesy; now, it's just tacky-cheesy. It was like American Idol crossed with Survivor or something... hideous. I like my fictional TV like Lost or the interesting show that followed it, Eli Stone (looks like it could be a fun quirky show... and I love quirky!), but I find the news or most reality shows totally depressing. (I do enjoy my Amazing Race though.) It really scares me how much the world has deteriorated already in my lifetime, and I can't bear to imagine what it's going to be like in another thirty years. Of course, struggling with chronic depression probably doesn't help my viewpoint, haha!

I am reading a biography of Johnny Cash... fascinating! I also have a biography of June Carter Cash and a book by his first wife, Vivian, on hold at the library. I like hearing the story from different perspectives.

Okay, I think that's all my random thoughts for tonight. I think I'll have some popcorn and Coke... I'm big on my comfort food. I do have to say though, I am SO grateful to have so many wonderful friends and family in my life. Sometimes I feel guilty for struggling with depression, when I am so blessed. I know I wouldn't make it through my days without all the love I get... and I wish that kind of love into everyone's lives!

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Anonymous said...

Mattias is SO funny! Where does he come up with this stuff? totally cracks me up!