Sunday, March 30, 2008

24 and Dollar Stores

Today, I had a wonderful dollar store shopping spree with my friend Mona... we're very bad at enabling each other when it comes to dollar stores. But everything is only a dollar! Of course, it adds up fast, haha! I got some card-making stuff, some little things for the kids, a baby present for my friend... is it sad that I get so much joy from the dollar store? Hee hee!

The kids and I have watched a couple Disney movies lately, including "Enchanted", which feature a kiss or two between the characters. I always jokingly cover their eyes and say they're not allowed to watch. On the way home from church today, somehow the question came up, how old do you have to be to kiss a boy or a girl on the lips. Mattias said, "Zero!" and Layni said, "Twenty-four!" I asked her if she knew that all by herself or if mommy had told her that. She said she knew it all by herself, and I told her to remember that when she got older!

I enjoyed the gorgeous sunshine and warmer temperatures today... could it be that spring is coming and the bizarre episodes of hail and snow are over? I guess we'll wait five minutes and see!


HomeSchooler said...

Don't you know that in order to be able to kiss you need permission from a minister and a doctor??? (AND you have to be 24!!!)

Guess I'm in trouble. I had my first on-the-lips kiss with a boy when I was only 18! Hmm, but I didn't get to French kiss until I was 22. As for sex, well, I was over 24, and I had approval from both my minister AND my doctor, so hopefully I'll be okay despite my too-early kissing experience!

(P.S. Do you remember how I found out about "French" kissing??? I heard the term at school when I was all of 9 or 10. I came home and asked Mum what it meant, whispering the words to her, just in case they were "bad" words. I even remember where I was, in the dining room, she was taking something out of the dryer, and I'd just walked home from school. She told me, "Well, it's when a boy and a girl kiss, but not just with their mouths, but with their mouths open and they kiss with their tongues, too." In shock, my jaw dropped and, naturally, the next question out of my mouth was, "Do you and Daddy do THAT???" And, evil tease that she was, she said, "You'll have to ask your Father." Dad had barely gotten through the door when I popped the big question, "Daddy, do you and Mummy French kiss?" Dad, also and evil tease, completely took me in with the oh-so-innocent look and asked, "I don't know! What's French kissing?" And, knowledgeable young lady that I was, I explained it to him, just as Mum had explained it to me, "Well, it's when you kiss with your tongues." A delightful grin spread across my father's bewildered face as he exclaimed, "That's a GREAT idea!" He proceeded to hang his VERY long, icky-looking tongue out of his mouth, and Mum, sensing the danger began to run. I think she got around the kitchen table two times before he caught her and gave her a long, slobbery lick from chin to temple, with her squeeling and squirming and saying, as she so often does, "HAROLD!!! STOP THAT!!!" It wasn't until I was much older that I realised that Daddy probably already knew what French kissing was when I asked him...)

Jolie Mack; Designer/Principal said...

Ah, "Mommy" said 44! not 24. In face, maybe 64. Or never 'cuz boys are gross and a giant pain in the ass.