Friday, March 28, 2008

Dirty Dancing and Bible Study

What, you are wondering, can these two things POSSIBLY have in common? I started a Bible study this morning with two dear friends. It is by a popular Bible study teacher called Beth Moore, and this is actually my third study of hers. She is from Texas, has the big hair and make-up and exuberant personality... none of which I really share, haha! And as I was watching the video this morning with my two friends, (it's an old Bible study, thus it's on a VHS tape, and you can tell by the hair and clothes too!) I found myself thinking of an incident from when I was probably about 12 or 13 years old.

We'd just gotten a VCR and it was a novel and exciting thing to rent a movie. (When did VCRs come out anyway? Needless to say, our family was never up to date with the times... the first and only computer we had for many years was a Commodore 64. And that is why I'm pretty much technologically illiterate.) My dad had gotten "The Boy Who Could Fly" and I was so upset: "I'm not a baby anymore, Dad!" So at my request, he rented "Dirty Dancing"... still a favourite of mine in all its delightful cheesiness. My mom came home from work just as Patrick Swayze was stripping off Jennifer Grey's shirt in his messy apartment... I can still remember the embarassment of my mom watching me watch it... I was squirming in self-consciousness, trying not to look over at my mom, wondering what she was thinking. (It totally ruined my enjoyment of the movie, by the way. Of course, I've made up for it by watching it several times over the years since!)

Funny that that should come to mind this morning, as I'm watching a woman passionately sharing the Word of God with us. Maybe it's because I'm Canadian, or because of the kind of churches I've attended, or maybe it's because of the way my family is. We're not demonstrative people. We don't hug and kiss and make a big fuss over things, whether good or bad. It just seems kind of embarassing to show too much emotion, too much enthusiasm, to let it all hang out there. And so as much as I enjoy Beth Moore, she kind of makes me uncomfortable too... she challenges me. I get excited about things like the new "Sex and the City" movie coming out in May, I get excited about new revelations and character development on "Lost" every week, I get excited about anything whatsoever having to do with books. Granted, I pretty much share my excitement only with those closest to me, who I don't feel embarassed to squeal and gush in front of about silly things like that... or here in writing, where my squeals aren't so loud and annoying, haha! But why don't I get that excited about the Word of God? Or why am I embarassed about people who do? The title of the study we're doing is "Breaking Free"... I think it's very appropriate for me! I need to break free from my own inhibitions, from worrying what other people think of me, from my myriad fears that control me and hold me back. Yes, I think God brought this study into my life for a reason, and I'm praying I have the courage and discipline to stick it out, and learn what He wants to teach me... and not be embarassed by it!


Anonymous said...

Ya, she WAS over the top wasn't she!!! And WOAH, that hair... yet it wasn't half as bad as that weird shiney velvety jacket type thingy she was wearing! Ya, that was... special!

But it looks promising, and it isn't the odd clothing and hair, or the over the top exuberance of the speaker... it's the content of the study, and how God speaks to your heart through it that make Bible Study so wonderful! I'm excited to be starting this journey with you both, thanks for including me!

now about that massive load of homework for this week... sigh... oh fine!

Janis said...

Hee hee... I know. I was the worst student ever - always leaving my homework until the very last minute... but Thursday is good TV night, so I can't do that! And on Wednesday night, I'm usually doing my homework for the Thursday morning Bible study on Daniel, so really I have to have it done by Tuesday... I am so undisciplined... but we can do this! Right??!! Okay, some encouragement here, please... hahaha!!!

Oh, and I can't wait to see what she wears next week!

Heather said...

Yes, ladies....this elementary school teacher will be checking your homework next week! LOL! Ha...only to cover up the fact that I won't have done mine! No, I'm going to try really hard...really, I am. I think this is such a good Bible study for me to be doing right now too...God's timing, as usual, is right on. Thanks for organizing us Janis! Oh, and good news...I talked with Shar today and she ordered the DVDs for Breaking Free...I guess the last church that borrowed them said the sound was a bit wonky! We'll be able to see and listen to Beth in all her glory!

Anonymous said...

AMEN? Amen!!! In ALL her glory!!!

I just snorted laughing so hard as I typed that! hee hee hee

HomeSchooler said...

Janis said,
"[She] has the big hair and make-up and exuberant personality... none of which I really share..."

Hmm, I seem to remember hair to shoulders, heavy bangs, and a poodle-style perm!!!??? Ahh... Weren't the late 80's/early 90's grand? (Hey, did you think that my massive glasses frames I had were cool or what!?)

Janis said:
"I get excited about things like the new "Sex and the City" movie coming out in May..."

WHAT???!!! SERIOUSLY??? I'd chalk this up to "one of those weird things about Janis that I didn't know, which must have happened since I moved." Have I told you lately what a freak you are? It's a good thing too, because that way we match! :-)

Janis said,
"Granted, I pretty much share my excitement only with those closest to me, who I don't feel embarassed to squeal and gush in front of about silly things like that..."

You know what? Sometimes I actually forget that you're like that! I'm so used to the squeally, whiney, hyper, silly, fun and funny, EXTREMELY opinionated drama queen that you can be, that sometimes I'm surprised when we're around others and you're not that way.

And the really funny thing is, the same is true with Derek! I'm so used to the sarcastic, funny, wise, compassionate, friendly man I fell in love with that when we're around people other than church or family, I'm surprised to discover that he's also basically a very shy guy

And somehow, either because of me or because of you (plural), when we're together (either you and I, or Derek and I, or you and Derek and I, with Ella thrown in for good measure) neither of you are, or have to be shy at all. And why did God pick me? Two of the greatest blessings in my life He sent to me in the form of extremely introverted people.

In fact, sometimes I think that God used you in my life, in part, to prepare me for Derek. (He used you in so many, many, MANY ways, but that's one of 'em!) And that it was because of you that the fact that Derek had barely spoken to another woman, let alone had any previous girlfriends didn't phase me at all! (I remember one of our mutual friends being concerned about that and thinking, "Well, that's perfectly normal isn't it? Especially if your shy? That doesn't mean he'll end up being shy with me!" And guess what, he wasn't!)

And you know what? I think it's totally unfair that people who are introverted, especially those who are very much so, end up in a world that praises the extroverts and punishes the introverts! That they are made to feel less intelligent (which is hardly the case!) and "abnormal" or "wrong!" Like the time we took the Myers-Briggs, and I was ENFJ and you were INFP (so totally similar, but so totally different) and because of the way it was presented you ended up feeling like ENFJ was "correct" and INFP was "incorrect." It's so foolish!

Okay, I'm moving towards a sermon, so I'm going to shut up now...

Janis said...

Don't remind me about my horrible decade of hair! WHAT was I thinking?!!

HomeSchooler said...

You were thinking, "I'll do ANYTHING that will keep me from having to actually do anything to my hair!!!" Evidently that included the whole "Bozo" look!

(Note to those who haven't see the pictures: it really wasn't as bad as we make out... but it certainly was interesting!!!)