Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I know it's now technically Tuesday, but I still wanted to say it... the tomb is empty, Jesus is alive, and we have so much to celebrate!

I was looking forward to celebrating Easter at church with that wonderful, triumphant resurrection music... especially the Hallelujah chorus - but Lysa was not cooperating. When I brought her a few weeks ago, she had a great time, enjoyed the music and was very social. Not this Sunday though! We just got seated when she let loose with that "I am inconsolable" howling cry that was drowning out the entire choir! We snuck out through the kitchen and I tried to calm her down, hoping we could soon sneak back in... but for whatever reason, she was having none of it. We ended up spending the service in the nursery, where she had all the little ones crying along with her at one point. She calmed down a bit with constant singing and some snacking, but really she just wanted to get home. It could have been a combination of her bowels being "irregular" the past week, her other front tooth coming in or maybe she just missed cuddling and playing with mommy, who she barely saw all week. (Stupid Foggy Dew... GRRR!!!) But Layni had a great time being part of the balloon parade and singing with her friends in front of the whole church... she is a total ham. And I have to praise God that the pouring rain stopped before it was time for us to walk to and from church!

So Easter Sunday wasn't quite what I expected, but we still had a happy Easter nonetheless. I can't believe one more day, and spring break is over! It wasn't quite what we were planning either, but the girls spent some fun time with their dad's side of the family, and we had lots of fun doing crafts, playing games, watching movies, reading books (we're still addicted to Geronimo Stilton), and going for walks. And now, I've really got to get to bed so I have enough energy to keep up with the kids tomorrow!

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