Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Love My Niece!

This is a hilarious story from my best friend's blog... my niece is adorable!

One of the things about being a Christian and about homeschooling is that you don't have to worry as much about things like Santa Claus and the Easter bunny. If you want your children to "believe" in them, then you can tell them all of the myths and fables associated with those seasons, but if you're like us, and don't want your children to truly "believe" in the existence of a large, hairy man, who is constantly spying on you, breaking and entering into your home yearly, but at the same time you don't want him/her to lose out on the fun that is associated with those beliefs, you can tell them the truth from the get-go (Ella has never thought that there was a "real" Santa Claus now, though she knows that there was a real Saint Nicholas) and then, with a wink and a nod, play along with the fables. For example, this past Christmas, depending on what we were doing, we would "be" Santa Claus (Ella'd be an elf), while getting presents ready, while wrapping, etc. She knew that Mummy and Daddy are "Santa Claus" for her, and that Mummy and she are "Santa Claus" for Daddy, and that Daddy and she are "Santa Claus" for Mummy. Rather than taking away from the magic of Christmas, this adds a whole dimension to our giving; it brings out our imaginations (can you imagine me "sitting" on Ella's lap, while she wears the Santa hat and says in as deep a voice as she can muster, "Ho Ho Ho... Now what do you want for Christmas, Mummy?"). I've never regretted the decision to tell my child the truth.

As for the Easter bunny. She knows that Mummy and Daddy play Easter bunny the night before Easter so that when she wakes up the "Easter bunny" (*wink* *wink* *nod* *nod*) has left chocolate eggs all over. But even though we play along with this, evidently she doesn't know that everyone else does too!

So, we're standing in line at Tim Horton's - me for my medium coffee one cream, and Ella for a milk and doughnut with "sprinklies". It's a long line up, and as usual, Ella is smiling at everyone. The lady who is in front of us smiles back and strikes up a conversation with Ella.

"Are you excited about Easter?"

"Yes!" says Ella. She knows Easter is when we celebrate that Jesus came to life again. We have lots of fun at church, and we sing and dance, and shout, and eat chocolate! What's not to love?

"And who is coming in three weeks?" the lady asks.

Ella doesn't get it. She looks at the lady, obviously confused. Was someone coming for Easter? Auntie Janis? No, Auntie Janis wasn't coming until Ella's birthday. Well, who is it then?

"He'll be bringing you yummy chocolate!" the lady continues. Ella still doesn't know who it is, though she loves the idea of chocolate...

"He'll be going *hop* *hop* *hop*!" the lady adds, doing little hops each time.

We haven't gotten around to talking about the Easter bunny yet this year. Other Easter stuff, yes, but bunnies, no. It's so obvious that Ella is reaching for an answer that just isn't there. So the kind lady helps a little bit more...

"It's the Eeeeaaaster...." she says, pausing.

And enlightenment dawns! Ella's GOT it! She knows who's coming. "The Easter KANGAROO!!!!" she calls out, triumphant!

The entire store - that was watching this exchange with interest - burst out laughing!

I assured Ella that this year the Australians were getting in on the act, and that the Easter kangaroo would be helping the Easter bunny on his/her rounds. (I didn't tell the entire store - just Ella - that Daddy would be one and Mummy would be the other and we would go hopping around the house hiding eggs the night before Easter!)


Krista said...

Awesome I LOVE IT! Yeah, we do much the same with our kids... lying to them about ficticious characters just seems so incongruent with the whole teaching your kids to tell the truth thing!!! My kids both know what the biblical stories behind the holidays are, we also have told them the story of Saint Nicholas, and about the importance of giving, not just around the holidays but year round.

Not sure where the whole Easter Bunny came from, so never knew what to tell my kids... they know he isn't real, and to be honest they aren't really into the whole bunny idea, they just want their chocolate! We wake up on Easter morning to open our Resurection Egg set that I bought a few years back (I love it!) and then we have a yummy breakfast and then I put out a ginormous bowl of chocolate and marshmallow confections for them to pig out on! I don't hide them or put on a charade of making a trail... they aren't interested in the whole lie!!!

Thanks for sharing the funny story though!

Heather said...

I can just envision the "Easter Kangaroo" with his basket of eggs!! LOL!

HomeSchooler said...

Basket nothin'!!! She doesn't need a basket, she just tucks the eggs in her pouch and tells her joeys to look after them!