Saturday, March 22, 2008

It's Never Too Early to Celebrate!

Last night after Jolie got home from work, we dyed eggs with the kids. My favourite was one on which Layni drew a yellow sunshine with crayon and dyed blue... it was so vibrant! After getting the kids to bed, Jolie and I hid the eggs and candy. Jolie cracks me up, because she took Layni's leftover candy from Valentine's Day and hid it... the kids never even noticed - that's how much attention they pay!

I got up early this morning to hide the baskets outside... that Easter bunny really gets around. We did the festivities today, as Mattias had to go home early this afternoon since it's his mom's year to spend Easter with him. The kids had a great time, and got mostly crafts this year instead of candy. When we were cleaning the girls' room a couple weeks ago, we found Layni's chocolate Dora the Explorer in the back of their closet from last year... Marty had a taste, but even he couldn't bring himself to eat it!

After Jolie went to work, we cracked open the fun and games from the dollar store. They had "fossils" which they had to excavate to find the buried treasure... $2.00 each at the dollar store, but it kept them busy for an hour, and after finding the charms inside, they took the coloured sand they had chipped off and put it in their sandbox to play with. We played "Go Spidey" with Mattias' Spider-man cards and Bingo, Layni coloured her dress-up girl magnet set, and Lysa grooved along with her Four Square DVDs. This afternoon, the girls and I went for a walk and got some baking supplies as well as the Enchanted DVD, which we watched with Jolie tonight... I love that movie!

The girls and I will be going to church in the morning to celebrate our risen Saviour with our church family... I'm sure Lysa will go crazy with the exciting music! And tomorrow night, Jolie will finally be done her day shifts of doom. Monday is dinner with Marty's family and then Wednesday will be back to school for the girls... wow, the time flew by fast! It always does.

Happy Easter to you all, dear friends. May God bless you and your families richly!


Family Of Five said...

Happy Easter! Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Ah, Lent is over, what will you buy first!? Silly question, you bought Enchanted! But, hey, you made it, and I'm proud of you! Way to go! Don't think I could have given up shopping for fun, especially with 2 daughters who live to shop! But I admire your perseverance in your sacrifice for Jesus!

Sounds like you all had a good Easter, despite Jolie's horrible work schedule! Did you get lots of chocolate?! hee hee!

Janis said...

Actually, I rented Enchanted on Saturday (before Lent was over) with a coupon... I'll probably buy it when it's marked down in the Previously Viewed section of the video store though. Didn't get to go shopping yesterday, as I was busy with the girls, but you know I'm going to Chapters today... like I don't have enough books already, but I can't help myself!