Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Can't Sleep

It's 12:50 AM and my heart is grieving for a friend who has thrown away God's love, and the love of her husband and friends... I'm praying the prodigal will return home... I love her and miss her so much. It haunts me night and day. Oh God, bring her home to us, please.

There are so many heartaches, troubles, sorrows, trials in this world... people I love and care about... sometimes it's overwhelming. But I cling to my hope in God, for when everything else passes away, He remains.


Family Of Five said...

:) You have such an amazingly big heart! You always believe in the good... and hope for the best! You not only believe it / talk about it... you live it!

Janis said...

Thanks for that encouragement, Shelley. I really needed it today.

HomeSchooler said...

Shelley, she's always been like that. God has used her faith and hope to encourage so many others. But too many don't realise that she needs encouragement too!

Jan, you know I'm praying for you and for the entire situation.

You have been, always Christ-like (with the possible exceptions of your "hissy fits") ;) and I know that 99 times out of 100 when there is an issue in a relationship, you are not to blame.

You have always shown self-less love, remarkable forgiveness, and compassion to all around you.

*Sigh* October seems so far away!