Tuesday, April 01, 2008

How Long...

Jolie and I often wonder if, allowed to sleep for as long as we wanted, without any responsibilities or to-do lists or children hanging over our heads, how long would we actually sleep? She estimates five days, I estimate 14 hours, a few days in a row... there's just never enough time to do everything we have to do, the things we want to do, or to just catch up on sleep, sweet sleep. I'm sure many people feel that way! We came home this afternoon, and all four of us girls crashed for three hours. (It was supposed to be just an hour nap, but that didn't happen!)

I got up at 6:00 AM to get myself and everyone else ready to go downtown to Elysa's audiology appointment this morning. Traffic was horrible... I hate traffic! That's one of the best things about visiting New Brunswick... there, traffic is six cars lined up behind a tractor. Layni and I visited the gift shop, thrift store, Starbucks, and library while waiting for Jolie and Lysa. I got some "new" (old) Sesame Street books, my favourite being The Adventures of Super Grover. The truth is I'm the one who is the biggest kid of them all!

After Lysa was finished being tortured - she hates having anything touching her ears (just like Warren in There's Something About Mary) so when her screams penetrated through several closed doors to the waiting room, Layni jumped up, "That's my sister!" The other parents in the waiting room looked a little frightened... but I digress... After the torture was over, we headed to Stanley Park for a walk by the beach. It was a beautiful, sunny day, but that wind sure was cold - I was glad to have my mittens, but wished I'd brought a hat or earmuffs too. We loved watching the crows, ducks, swans, geese, and cranes, as well as the infamous Stanley Park squirrels, who were very frisky today... we watched three in particular chasing each other up and down a row of trees. It was a fun outing. Oh, there were tons of things we all could have and perhaps should have been doing, but sometimes you just have to seize the moment and enjoy it, or you'll always be doing the things you should be doing, and never enjoying life itself. It seems the older the kids get, the more appointments and activities and responsibilities there are, and not as much room for the impromptu adventures we used to have, so we have to take them when we can get them!

Of course, as I said before, we all came home and crashed, but I guess we all need to do that sometimes too. Okay, I need to get to bed - back on track tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I once found at the flea market, this really old copy of "there's A Monster At The End Of This Book" starrying "Your Furry Pal, Grover"!!! I had to have it, it was my fave as a kid, I used to pester Rosa to read it to me over and over and over and over! :)

Janis said...

Ah, yes, that's a classic! The kids (and I!) love it too!

HomeSchooler said...

27 hours - that was my top sleeping score until shortly before I married and did a 32 hour sleep-fest. Ahh... the days before having a child who jumps up and down on top of me saying, "Mummy, it's time to wake up!"

Anonymous said...

Have you read the sequel!? "Another Monster At The End Of this Book" With Grover AND Elmo???

Classic! I have it if you want to borrow it!???!!! hahaha... wow, I'm such a dork... wait... I'm guessing you either have it, have read it, or want to borrow it, so that makes you a dork right alongside me!

We can be dorks together, and live dorkily ever after!!!



PS... I am SO behind on my homework, I've only done 2 days... tomorow I'm going to cram it all in during my afternoon off while Maegan goes to her little friends house for a playdate!

Janis said...

Actually, I just read that last summer while visiting a drugstore with my best friend's little girl... and that's what I'm doing tomorrow afternoon too!

HomeSchooler said...
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HomeSchooler said...

Hey, I got it for Ella! (The original - SANS Elmo-the-irritating-idiot-who-is-supposed-to-be-teaching-our-kids-things-while-he-can't-even-enunciate-properly-so-no-one-knows-what-he's-talking-about-or-worse-yet-our-children-listen-and-understand-him-and-end-up-with-speech-impediments!!!) He is the no. 1 reason why Ella doesn't watch Sesame Street - the last half-hour may as well be called the Elmo show! Thank HEAVENS CTW put out Sesame Street Old School. Now that's fun!

Oh, as for the book, Ella LOVES it. And I never turn the pages, so as she goes to do so, I'm looking horrified and whispering, "Ella? Ella? WHAT are you DOING? Don't Ella!!! Dont!!!" Which of course delights her to no end.

Do you know what Sesame Street needs? MORE BIG BIRD! (That's the true thing with feathers - regardless of what Emily says!)

Janis said...

Yeah, baby... Big Bird rocks! And his alter-ego Oscar too! Speaking of which, if anyone ever sees a Big Bird T-shirt out in the big wide world... you must tell me, so I can get it! I have two Oscar, a Super-Grover, a Bert and a Cookie Monster, but not my favourite (or any other Sesame Street characters T-shirts... the Count would be really cool... what do you mean, which one's the kid and which one's the nanny?!)