Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kid Stories

Since Layni has gone with me to church for several years, she incorporated prayer time after our story into the bedtime routine a couple years ago. Well, I guess Mattias has heard us pray and wants to get in on the action now too. I've never asked him if he wanted to pray, because Marty is very non-religious, and I think his mom is too, and I'm not about to start anything that would offend either of them. But the last few weeks he has asked me if we can pray as I'm tucking him in after story time and I can't say no. My prayer usually goes something like, "Thank You, God, for today and (whatever fun things we did) and help us all get a good night's sleep." (Simple, honest, and non-offensive, I think.) Then Mattias prays and it's always something like, "Thank You, God, for everything. I wish I could play Spiderman but I can't because it's bedtime. (Big sigh) Amen." That kid cracks me up all the time!

The power of peer influence... for her birthday, Layni got a Geronimo Stilton book from one of her school friends, and has been obsessed ever since... which is fine with me, as I quite enjoy them too! She also got a Hannah Montana board game from one of her friends. I'd never heard of Hannah Montana before and neither had Layni, but she's since discovered the show on TV and is similarly infatuated. Tonight, she and Mattias were playing with their imaginary friends, Spidey and Miley. I guess there are worse things she could be interested in - and she's quite impressed because one of her school friends told her that the real Miley is a Christian... wow, she sings, dances and loves Jesus - Layni's new superhero! I think Mattias is going to stick with Spiderman though, even though Layni's trying to convert him!

Lysa has been healthy and happy all week, super excited to be back at school with all her friends. Layni and I discovered today that she likes to be "Dust-busted" - Layni was cleaning up a mess on the living room floor and pretended to vacuum Lysa up too. Instead of freaking out like I expected, she burst into uncontrollable giggles. Crazy kid! Her laughter is such a blessing to us all.

The girls are going to visit their grandparents this weekend, so Mattias and I will find some adventures, I'm sure. We might go to the Open House at our church on Saturday afternoon... I hear there's a bouncy castle, and really, what more could a kid ask for? Janis, on the other hand, could definitely ask for cake... always obsessed, haha!


Anonymous said...

Yes, Shawn prays much the same as Mattias... he'd love to play Spiderman all day too! LOL!

Hailee is ga ga over Miley Cyrus right now too, and yes, the fact that she's a Christian made her fall even harder for the whole Miley craze! I have to say, that girl impresses me, and the show is pretty clean too... I'm glad Hailee picked someone nice to become a crazed fan of, lets just hope she stays that way!

HomeSchooler said...

Meanwhile, my daughter is constantly asking for braids - even though she has just begun to grow hair - and loves pretending to be "dead" a la Anne Shirley playing the Lady of Shalot!

*Shaking head* "That girl is next door to a perfect heathen!!!" ~Marilla Cuthbert