Monday, April 14, 2008

She's Back!

Our hilarious, delightful DeeDee is back, and it's so good to have her around again! Jolie and I were "bad" and let her sleep a full nine hours, since it's the first time she's slept through the night in a few days. She woke up playful, giggling, ready to chow down, kick around and have a great day.

We headed downtown early so Jolie could pick up her copies of Bridge magazine (, in which there's a full page ad for Jolie Mack Designs - how exciting! We killed time by walking around Granville Island, eating cookies, feeding the pigeons, and marvelling at the atmosphere... Granville Island is one of my favourite places.

This was my first EEG experience with Lysa - during her previous ones, I had stayed home looking after Layni. I was impressed with how well she did. She didn't enjoy them colouring all over her head with a red marker, but once we flipped her over on her tummy, she found the tedious process of attaching electrodes all over her head quite amusing. She's been loving her tummy time lately, which is great exercise for her and encourages her to use her impulse to throw her head back in a positive way, to lift her head up and look around. Then after getting her happy and interested, we had to get her to sleep. The nurse (EEG-ologist?) dimmed the lights, turned on a CD of lullabies, we cuddled her in a soft blanket with her favourite stuffed monkey, and she actually fell asleep relatively quickly. Let me tell you, in that soothing atmosphere, I was more than ready to lay down and have a nap myself! Poor kid, though, was probably just getting into a really good dream when we had to wake her up again so they could flash blinding lights into her eyes. I must say she put up with all the craziness very well! It's so great to have our easy-going, happy kid back - and no more whining! Thank You Jesus!!!

We have always said that Lysa is the "Zen" in the family and I have realized just how true that is the past few days. With Lysa miserable, we were ALL miserable! But when Lysa's her usual peaceful, joyful self, she centres us all. You can't be stressed out or sad when you hear her contagious laugh. She brings the whole family together doing crazy things to make her giggle. When you're cuddling or laughing and playing with her, all is well with the world. Some people might look at her life as a tragedy, but these past few days emphasized to me how incredibly blessed we are to have her, just as she is, in our lives. We need her and her simple outlook on life to ground us all and keep us sane. I am so thankful for my wonderful little buddy - she gives me far more than I could ever give her!


Jolie Mack; Designer/Principal said...

Janis, you have been doing a wonderful job helping me, dealing with poop explosions and other such craziness. Please don't think it goes un-noticed (how the hell - oops, heck - do you spell that?) It was a nice, rather pleasant sunny day today, wasn't it? I enjoyed the pigeons too.

Anonymous said...

AWWW, you have such a great employer! Look at how appreciative she is! And Janis, for the record, I think you are awesome... perhaps I don't tell you that enough... but you are. Jolie and her family are lucky to have you around, and I think it's so amazingly wonderful that she obviously knows that! Love you guys!

I'm glad Lysa is feeling better, poor little monkey... it's hard when you have to deal with sick kids, feeling helpless to make it go away... But thankfully it sounds like she's back to her bubbly happy self again! Sending hugs her way from all of us!