Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tidbits on the Last Week

Vancouver Fashion Week went well for Jolie. There were "living models" who modeled her jewelery on Wednesday and Thursday, she had a vintage style exhibit that attracted a lot of attention, she made lots of contacts in the industry, did her first interview, learned tons, and felt good about the results. She has a meeting tomorrow in Yaletown with a store interested in selling her designs. Hopefully, it will all translate into sales, because she is so close to quitting the bar - they keep scheduling her for days they KNOW she can't work... it's so ridiculous and frustrating.

It was a quiet weekend with the girls gone to visit their dad's side of the family. It was nice to spend some one-on-one time with Mattias... he's such a good kid when Layni's not around! We watched Brother Bear and its sequel on Friday and Saturday night, went to our church's open house on Saturday, which featured... A BOUNCY CASTLE!!! I don't think Mattias will ever get over the excitement! He asked the poor face painters to make him a Spiderman mask to cover his face (quelle surprise!) but happily settled for a bicycle instead. He was quite thrilled when Layni got home early enough on Sunday for them to play together before he went back to his mom's (as was Layni) - such a love/fighting relationship with those two!

Mattias decided to stay home from church to be with his dad, as there was no Kids Church on Sunday morning. I felt kind of bereft without kids to chase after; luckily, my buddy Maegan came that Sunday and kept me company. We chatted and drew pictures and had a good time (while totally paying attention to the service of course, haha!). It reminded me of after ladies' Thursday morning Bible study when I first got to know her, and she would teach me dance moves or we would play hide 'n' seek. For someone who used to only half-jokingly say of kids, "I hate the little buggers!" I get quite attached to all my little buddies. Thanks, Maegan, for sitting with me and helping me not be lonely on Sunday morning! I love you!

EXCITING BREAKTHROUGH!!! Lysa listened to her earphones - ON her ears! - for 15 minutes two days in a row! This is so exciting because (like Warren in There's Something About Mary) she HATES having anything around or on her ears. My mom suggested that it's maybe because her hearing is her strongest sense and she might fear being cut off from the outside world, which makes sense. I am so proud of her!!!

Tuesday was Earth Day, and Layni read her poem and performed a song with her class at the school assembly. At a couple points, we could totally hear her little voice belting it out over everyone else. Lysa too performed with her class, ringing her bells as they sang a song. I am one of those "parents" that doesn't pay attention to anyone else's kids, because I'm so focused on my little cuties. They do have their adorable moments! After the assembly, the school went on a nature walk through the woods. Jolie and I went with Lysa and her special needs buddies, Leanne and Ella and their SEAs, on quite challenging terrain. I'd forgotten what a good workout those trails are... my heart was really pumping! At a few places, Jolie and I had to "portage" - lift up the stroller and carry it over big rocks - which Lysa finds hilarious, the pampered little princess! We used to do a lot of strenuous hiking like that, but the last couple years have gotten so busy - we really miss it. The gym does not compare at all to that real-life cardiac workout - and yet, you enjoy the beauty of God's creation so much, it's worth it.

Layni and her friend have started a club - that's her new thing, starting clubs at school - first it was the skipping club and now it's the picking up litter club. I love her passion for helping the environment.

We are three weeks into Beth Moore's "Breaking Free" Bible study on Wednesday nights (which I'm also doing with a couple friends on Friday mornings, so I should really know my stuff by the end of the study!) and we had a great discussion tonight about the benefits of our relationship with God...

1. Knowing God and believing Him
2. Glorifying God
3. Finding satisfaction in God
4. Experiencing the peace of God
5. Enjoying God's presence

See, I am learning something! There's so much to think about - it's really challenging me, "Do I really believe what I say I believe, and if I really do, how is that going to affect my life? Because if I really believe, these are life-changing truths!"

And when I got home, Marty had a delicious steak waiting for me... yummy! Yes, he has his good points ;)

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