Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Best Kind of Friend...

The best kind of friend is someone who even when one or both of you feel like complete crap, you can still just be together and enjoy each other's company. My best friend is like that... no matter how much life sucks, it's still fun just to be together... and we've been through it all together!

Today, I had lots of stuff I should be doing... preparing for Bible study tomorrow and finishing the thank you notes for our Ladies' Spring Tea being at the top of the list... but last night, I was talking to a friend whose family is going through all kinds of stuff and she just doesn't feel like getting out of bed in the morning - I well know that feeling! I suggested we get together to watch an Audrey Hepburn movie. We ended up watching two Jimmy Stewart movies on the Turner Classic Movie channel... The Glen Miller Story and Hitchcock's The Man Who Knew Too Much. She was in her pj's, and me in my comfy blue fleece sweatshirt and jeans, and we just snacked and watched and occasionally giggled and marvelled about how great old movies are. Sometimes there's nothing you can do to make a situation better, but you can always just be there... and often, that's enough. I know from experience. I'm honoured to have that kind of friend, and to be that kind of friend... the very best kind.


HomeSchooler said...

You've got me all teared up!!!

And it's true - Audrey Hepburn and/or Alfred Hitchcock really do make things better!

I miss you sooooooo much! October is FOREVER away!

Krista said...

Good friends like that are important, everyone should have one! Sarah and I are like that, we can have crap going on, but we usually just gripe to each other, vent it all out, show some sympathy and be there for each other... and then haul our butts to the supermarket and shop it off! We're geeks like that... there's nothing a trip to Superstore can't cure as far as we're concerned!!!