Friday, May 02, 2008


I've been watching video and looking at pictures from the flooding in New Brunswick... places I know are underwater, businesses are flooded, schools are closed, some people's homes have literally floated away (though no one I know personally). So far all my family and friends are safe, though it's hard to get around as numerous roads are underwater, and my dad's automotive shop may be flooded. He went fishing this weekend nonetheless... after all, worrying about it is not going to help, so might as well fish! That's my dad's philosophy of life, God bless him. And it's true. My mom and I, on the other hand, are more the worrying type ;) My mom, who works at the airport, says people getting off flights remark on how bizarre it is to fly over, because everything is covered in water. So far, there have been no deaths reported, thank God, but I can't even imagine the cost of damage to homes and businesses, and New Brunswick is not the richest province to start off... well, not financially. In spirit and kindness, we are second to none!

*I'm still working on my skills, but if you click on the title, you can see pictures of the flooding.


Family Of Five said...

That's so terrible! I can't even imagine!

HomeSchooler said...

I'm so proud of you! You made a link!

How's about I send you a couple pictures of stuff you do know? Gram's house (now Aunt Donna's house) looks like it's standing in the middle of a lake!