Saturday, May 24, 2008


You know, I wasn't the biggest Madonna fan in junior high or high school; I enjoyed some of her songs, but not enough to buy an album. And her in-your-face-look-at-me-I'm-so-sexually-rebellious persona never appealed to me. It was after I saw Evita in college (she truly did an a amazing job in that role!) and she embraced motherhood and started to tone down her obsession with sex that the tide started to turn for me. When I started working for Jolie seven years ago, I listened to the Music album a lot, as that was what the girls listened to in utero and would calm them down when they were infants. Since Jolie is such a huge fan, I've gotten to listen to her albums and I've grown to love a lot of her music... it's fun! And all the songs on the Immaculate Collection bring back all those memories of the growing-up years... it's funny how hearing an old song will bring a memory back. So for my seven year anniversary with the family (today!), Jolie bought tickets to the Madonna concert in the fall. My last concert was ten years ago... dc talk, before they broke up... remember, Alisha? Generally, I'm not a concert person... too loud (I'm so old!)... I'd rather just watch the concert DVD in the comfort of my living room - plus, it's a lot cheaper! But I think this concert will be a once-in-a-lifetime event... THANKS, JOLIE!!!


Krista said...

pTHTHTHthththth :P

Have fun! It IS a once in a lifetime opportunity, and she is known for being an incredible performer live. I'm sure you will have a blast!

HomeSchooler said...

That was TEN YEARS AGO?????!!!!!

We are so OLD?????!!!!!

I was supposed to go to a Jars of Clay concert on October on the 15th or 16th, 2004 - but I had a one week old baby who didn't want my breasts to leave! So Seth went with his now-wife, Andrea, and Derek went with Mum! They had so much fun! I stayed home with Dad and Ella.