Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Innocence Lost... Again

"To the pure all things are pure, but to the corrupt and unbelieving nothing is pure."

Titus 1:15

Tonight, I was feeding Lysa supper while Marty did the dishes (God bless him!) and he was goofing around, spraying Lysa with the hose from the sink, which made her giggle insanely (and got the floor all wet, but once again, making Lysa laugh trumps all common sense!). I laughed and called him and Lysa a couple of goofs, to which Marty and Jolie promptly informed me that the word is now a very derogatory term that would get me beat up if I used it in public. Seriously? Goof is now worse than a swear word? I feel like that day in college, when walking with my best friend, she informed me that fairy no longer refers to the woodland sprites of our childhood imaginings, but is now a homosexual term. Why? Why do people take my precious language from me and pollute it to mean terrible things it was never intended to mean? And I, in my innocence, am completely ignorant until some wiser soul educates me in the hope that I won't inadvertently get pummelled someday.

It's a good thing my citizenship is in heaven (Philippians 3:20), because sometimes I just can't handle this world anymore!


Family Of Five said...

I have never heard the term Goof was bad. Are you sure they aren't tricking you?
But yes, Gay should mean happy
Fairy should mean Tinkerbell

Janis said...

Well, Marty said he learned the hard way when he worked in a biker bar, and Jolie said she once called her dad a goof (he was a correctional officer in the prison system) and he lost it... they sounded quite serious! And I did notice Marty looking at me funny other times I've used the word, like "I can't believe she just said that!" I'm not going to try it out on any tough looking people to test the theory though ;)

HomeSchooler said...

That is the most bizarre thing I've heard in a while!!!

What do they think it means - in the vernacular sense as opposed to the traditional sense?

And do they let their children watch Mickey Mouse et al.? Because that's where "goofy" as an expression meaning "silly" or "ridiculous" came from isn't it?

I just Googled "goof; goofy" and went through three pages of stuff and all I came up with was either the Disney character "Goofy" and/or the dictionary meaning of ridiculous; silly; wacky; nutty: a goofy little hat. Which is all pretty benign stuff.

Next thing you know, Gawrsh!!! will be considered bad language too!

Okay, you have to ask them the meaning of "goof" - I need to know now!

Krista said...

I've heard that before about the word Goof, actually. I used to run with a rough crowd and yeah, you just DIDN'T call people "Goof's"

Both then and now, I find it ridiculous. Next we won't be able to say "And" or "If" or "Chocolate"

Check this site out, actually, you might find it helpfull and informative!

Enlightening, yet frightening. kids speak a whole new language these days! As adults who love kids these days, we need to really try to keep up with the changing dialect, lest we find ourselves totally out of touch with their reality!

Janis said...

Holy crap! No wonder it's considered an insult! I just looked it up at and it says:

"A goof is a child molester in prison that likes little boys; they must be housed in protective custody as they are most often murdered or beaten into comas. They are the lowest form of life in prison. They are killed as a status symbol. Used only as an insult, highly offensive."

That's horrible!

HomeSchooler said...

What kind of a sicko takes a VERY benign word and gives it such a terrible meaning? That's insane!

And to think my 3-year-old daughter already knows the-worst-of-the-worst swear words, and gee, I taught it to her!

Truthfully, it makes me furious. "F***" actually means what it really, originally meant. It's crass, impolite, and I can only ever remember using it once in a moment of absolute terror. So what right do people have to take a funny, silly word like "goof" and use it to refer to something/someone so terrible? If my daughter walks up to a biker (as she may very well do - she's very friendly) and after a joke/a moment of teasing says "You silly goof," does that mean he'd whip out his knife/gun/large, heavy stick and beat her to death???

Yeh, I don't think so. So at what age is someone supposed to know this? Jan and I are 31, and we didn't know. My husband is 35, and he didn't know. My parents are in their 50s and 60s. They didn't know.

And Krista's right - if we allow our language to become so maleable that no word is able to maintain it's meaning, ultimately we'll have a secondary Babel on our hands - the lack of ability for different people of different backgrounds to communicate.

Currently we are not infrequently dealing with situations whereby the use of a dictionary is unable to enlighten us as to the meaning of a word, which doesn't matter so much nowadays, as many children growing up are completely unable to use a dictionary because they cannot even spell the words they want to look up. (Think: Thanx, X-streme, FTW, among other computer/text messaging short-speak).

And why are we letting men in prison affect OUR vocabulary? It seems terrible that we, even in innocence, ought not use a word INTENDING ITS PROPER MEANING!!! If anyone seems shocked/offended by my use of "goof," I'll just tell them to go look it up in a dictionary rather than learning their vocabulary from those in prison!