Monday, June 23, 2008

2 1/2 Days...

... until school is over for the summer. On the one hand, I look forward to a more relaxed schedule and being able to do fun things with the kids, but in another way I dread it. I think partly it is because I'm not going to visit my family in NB until the fall so the summer seems to stretch longer than usual, though I've no doubt it will fly by. But the hardest part is juggling a special needs child with a (or when Mattias is here, two) high energy kids.

In many ways, Lysa is the least high-maintenance of all the kids. She enjoys the simple things in life, she is amazingly patient, and pretty much always joyful and laid-back. However, because of her disabilities, she's a completely hands-on child, especially when we go out anywhere. Mattias is more manageable now that he's older; more likely to do what he's told and is pretty good when we go out, unless Layni is along, causing mischief and mayhem. However, I still like to have my feet free to chase and hands free to grab, just in case - he is still, after all, an energetic and often mischievous kid. So really, it is impossible for me to take all three kids out anywhere by myself.

The challenge is not leaving Lysa out all the time. It can be very easy to just leave her at home, listening to music and kicking along, because she does love it, and she rarely complains. She is more unpredictable when taken new places... although she is infinitely more adaptable than she used to be, we're still unsure of how long it may take her to adapt to a different environment... she can become overstimulated by crowds or loud noises, though she has come so far since beginning school and acclimatizing to school assemblies, for example. Two of her favourite activities are going for walks and going swimming at the pool, which I'm sure will be a regular part of our routine this summer.

I'm sure that we will have a wonderful summer, but the idea of one hands-on and two high-maintenance kids home all day, every day, for two months straight... seems a bit overwhelming!


Family Of Five said...

Walk this way!!! We have a beautiful park down the trails... it's usually quiet and the trail walk is lovely! Plus we all fit into my van!

HomeSchooler said...

Think Gloria Gaynor baby!!!

"I... I will survive..."