Thursday, June 05, 2008

Evil Streak

I don't like massages, but I love to have my back scratched. While Layni was in the tub tonight, I was telling her about my imaginary future when I become rich, I'm going to hire someone to scratch my back whenever I ring my little bell. So she came up with a business proposition - I pay her five dollars a year, and she will scratch my back whenever I ask. I gave her $5 and when Marty heard about this arrangement, he shook his head and told Layni, "You really need a business manager to negotiate your contracts." So tonight, she scratched my back half a dozen times when I asked.

When I told Jolie that I'd actually taken the $5 from Layni's wallet, she said, "That's so rude!" Marty's reply was, "You're evil, Janis!"

Maybe I am, but I thought it was funny...

and I did confess to Layni later in the evening. She gave me a funny look and then laughed. Good thing she's got a sense of humour... of course, I've probably emotionally maimed her for life with my wicked ways... hee hee!

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krista said...

*GASP* Child labour! LOL! Um, I get my kids to brush my hair when I get headaches! hahaha! Actually Meg loves it, she thinks she's playing hairdresser! So I suppose I'm evil too, worse actually because I don't pay them!!!