Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm Thankful For...

... my cozy warm fleece St. Andrews-by-the-Sea sweater that my aunt gave me two Christmases ago, that has been my faithful friend during this ridiculously cold spring.

... my bed and pile of blankets to snuggle into every night, and a roof over my head, as I know lots of people don't have that privilege.

... the sunshine when it actually comes out to brighten our days and our spirits!

... friends who are always there to encourage and uplift, to have fun with and inspire me just by being themselves.

... the Bible, which I'm learning more every day is full of God's wisdom and love.

... all books, which are the joy of my life!

... kids, who make me laugh and teach me new things every day.

... my family - I appreciate them more with every passing year.

... Jesus, who loves me no matter what, but who is also constantly working to make me more into His beautiful likeness and is infinitely patient with me in the meantime.

... the privilege of freely going to church and Bible study every week.

... things and people who make me laugh - like my brother sending me jokes via email or Lysa's infectious giggle.

... yummy food, and the people who make it (cause you know I hate to!)

... music that inspires or is just plain fun to listen to!

... mail - I always have and always will love getting mail.

... a good night's sleep.

... a remarkably healthy body which enables me to do all the things I do.

... TV on DVD - I love sitting down and being able to watch whenever I want.

... Jake - he has to live forever because I love our fat cat!

... a job that I love - that pays the bills but also allows me to serve and enjoy each day (well, most days!)

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Family Of Five said...

You have lots to be thankful for... .and I am thankful you are a part of our lives!