Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunshine and Heat

I LOVE finally having sunshine! It makes such a difference in brightening my days... however, the heat, I'm not such a big fan of. I know that's terrible, since I've been complaining endlessly of the cold, but what can I say? I enjoy moderate temperatures! I usually start the day outside with Layni, playing in the backyard or splashing in our itty-bitty wading pool, then I'll come in during the hottest part of the day and hang out with Lysa in the basement. She is NOT a fan of the heat either. Gets very lethargic and doesn't want to eat. Thank God for her G-Tube so we can keep her hydrated and give her nutrition by pumping Pediasure into her. So we cuddle and listen to music or watch her favourite DVDs or read books... it's not that tough having fun with Lysa :) And when it's cooler, we go for nice long walks.

Jolie is at her big jewellery sale downtown, Portobello. I'm praying she is wildly successful and sells tons of pieces. She works so hard and is so talented; she deserves all the best!

So that means I stayed home from church today to be with the kids. It's "Family Sunday" there, which means the kids stay in the service instead of going to Kidzone, so neither Layni nor Mattias wanted to go, and Marty, who gets home from work at 4:00 AM did not feel up to dealing with three crazy kids by himself. I really miss going to church the occasional Sundays I don't get there and I really miss Thursday morning Bible study during the summer. I feel so disconnected; going every week and having that fellowship grounds me for the rest of the week. Okay, I'll stop whining now!

Well, I should go make sure the little hooligans aren't making too much mischief in the backyard (thank You God for a big backyard!) and that Lysa is happy listening to the new CD we got from the library. Send good wishes Jolie's way today!

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krista said...

I'm despising this heat too... it's gross, muggy, and depressing. I'm currently taking minimum of 2 showers a day, I constantly feel sweaty and kind of slimy... how ANYONE could enjoy feeling sweaty and dirty with this gross heat, I'll never understand... it's absolutely disgusting!!! EW!!!

I miss winter, cool fresh air, crisp frozen mornings, wearing clothes that cover my body, and snow... wonderful, heavenly, beautiful, clean snow!!! I can't wait for winter! And Christmas... sigh...